The 🎵#Song-Challenge 💿 Next Level (Decentralization!! ;))

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If you have only found the 30-Day Summer Song-Challenge recently:

That time has come now 😉

If you want to continue the #song-challenge, please do!

  • Keep going with the consecutive numbers (tomorrow would be Day 36)
  • Think of a daily topic and make a post about it
  • Use the hashtag #song-challenge so others can find it and follow your initiative

It's that easy!

All participants will just check the tag #song-challenge and see if they spot a post with Day 36 or 37 etc. in the title, to see what the topic of the day is. And if there isn't one, then you just start one!

Have fun!

I will be posting a lot less from now on, and have decided to delegate most of my Steempower so it can be put to good use.

I joined the Conscious team this month, which is building a meditation app on the EOS blockchain, which means I have less time and energy to hang out here at the moment.

Of course I will check in every now and then, and of course I will see you at Steemfest!! (You’ll be there, right?)

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Na dann liebe Anja viel Spaß beim „basteln“ und lass es dir gut gehen! 🌻