🎵#Song-Challenge 💿 Day 36: Rock meets Classic

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I'm very happy to see that @depot69 continued the #song-challenge and thought of a topic for Day 36!

It's a great topic - Rock meets Classic - which allows me to share one of my favorite bands - Apocalyptica! If you have never heard of them - they play Metallica on Cellos. Their whole stage set up used to be just 4 simple chairs. In recent years things have become a little more fancy :)

Sadly, any song you watch on youtube or listen to from an album doesn't do the live experience justice.

Cello music in itself is a "vibrational" experience :) but add to that hundreds or thousands of people singing the lyrics together in the audience (since there's no-one on stage to do so ;)) It's just a very special, goosebumpy experience for both classic and rock fans.

One of those things, where "you had to be there" :)

This is the 30-day #song-challenge - a Steemit promotion and community-building exercise. See this post for details. and also this one

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I absolutely love Apocalyptica (as much as Metallica indeed). I discovered them 15 years ago, and you make me realize I haven't listed to them since long ago. Thanks for the reminder !

Super, ganz großes Kino. Ich war bei meiner Auswahl wohl doch etwas zurückhaltend :)

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I love these guys. Listening to their music is indeed a wonderful experience. Great choice!