Why Are Ethereum Solidity Devs So Hard To Find? If You're One, Opportunity Knocks...

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Is This Steemit's first help wanted ad? I don't know if it is, but let me know if you think it isn't.

I've been searching hi and low for ethereum solidity devs with actual hands on smart contract experience. Nearly 100% of the devs I have come into contact with are either too inexperienced, or simply too bogged down with work. So I wondered to myself, "Why haven't I inquired on steemit?" Well, here I am.

Would you like to work on a project that will be audited by a world class team of ethereum coders recognized by ethereum.org? I am looking for a developer that can bring a project from concept to finished contract, tested and ready to be audited for final release. Most of the work is simple. The base code exits you will simply be adding a few functions to enhance an already existing contract. C(rypto)OD for approved audit + potential residual benefits and even profit share for quick turnaround. If you have front end UI with metamask capabilities, further work can be arranged and priority for this work can be assigned as well.

If you've got the skills, I would like to hear from you. Please visit me in my discord for more details.


Please don't waste my time, I am not looking for an elite coder, but don't inquire unless you are serious and have a portfolio or references to share. You must be a steemit member to be considered. Discretion is not an issue if desired.

Thanks in Advance.



Post like these makes me wanna change my profesion to coder.

Haha yes, they are so hard to find. A good one is at least.

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Looks like than more than coders you were looking for slaves, try to hire a bot, can be helpful

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