Social media hearings in the Congress

in society •  2 months ago

This is just a quick hit - sorry, no time to write in detail.

OK, so the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee of the US Congress are holding hearings on censorship in on major social media platforms. And Alex Jones who recently fell victim to massive censorship was there, too. Apparently, the hearings too place yesterday.

So the main point of contention here is this: are social media platforms modern-day town squares? If they are, can they censor?

Lots of interesting news and perspectives - including the rumor that Trump may join Gab. Which may actually noticeably affect Twitter whose stock has gone down some already.

Please watch videos below as this is a really curious development. It is possible that the worm is indeed turning and alternative voices have found allies in Congress, and censorship at will by the likes of Facebook and Google may be coming to an end.


Youtube video link
Dave Cullen, 5 September 2018

Youtube video link
The Red Elephants, 6 September 2018

Social media vs. Congress: Watch the hearing highlights(video)
CNET, 5 September 2018

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