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RE: Societalcide Decadence in Western TV Commercials

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That was one really long post.

Thanks for tolerating my narcissistic outburst and replying with a positive message.

I’m hurriedly/sleeplessly dumping a lot now without enough time for more careful categorization and organization, before I move on to other things.

EVERYONE, get rid of your TVs, any real news won't be broadcast, so you won't miss anything

I hadn’t turned on that idiot box for a decade or more. Some of the content can be relaxing or stimulative in infrequent doses, but it’s numbing and forms a bad habit. And the propaganda and lies which are intermixed with the reasonable content are absolute poison.

I added a new section to this blog and may add more:

Asia May Ban Americans (all Westerners eventually?) Because of Politically Correct Meddling Corruption

Also I added significantly to my prior blog Trump Assassinated in 2022? Civil War by 2026?. Generally I continue augmenting my blogs up to 24+ hours after I initially publish them, so it’s wise to either wait to read them or re-scan them after a few days.

Glad you are getting your health back.

The broken record of my health struggle. Sorry it’s very annoying. I hope I can get this major pita resolved entirely.

I wouldn’t say for sure my health is back. I have always sustained some level of athleticism even while sick with Tuberculosis (although the photos don’t really convey how shitty I felt inside and how much my energy level was limited).

At the moment, I’m addicted to sugar and chocolate again for the energy boost to research and blog all-nighters through this hectic period wherein I have transferred to a new condo every few days living out of suitcases. Lugging my Linux desktop and 24” monitor along with me. I hope settle into a strict diet and intense workouts again after New Years. Trying to rush out a few important/urgent blogs which impact my major relocation, second-half-of-life plans decisions I need to make this week. We’ll see if I can really stabilize my health.

The reason for dumping all my photo and athletics history here, is mainly to cite for some private discussions I am having. Becomes arduous for me to keep track of urls of where I post various communications, so dumping it here in my public blog is the easiest way to be sure I can find it again.

Essentially I realized this week that analogous to a fish-out-of-water or a penguin-in-the-desert, I have been miserable the past few years without my football and American heritage/culture. I guess it is nearly ingrained in me that I need the daily competition and social outlets otherwise I slip into depression and a malaise, which plausibly might even be exacerbating the difficulty in recovering from the damage to my endocrine/liver system. Note the strongest of my boxing videos were recorded in January 2018 in Angeles City (6 months after completing the Tuberculosis antibiotics) wherein I was intensely working out in the gym everyday or at least bi-daily. Apparently I sulk back into some malaise when living in Davao. Also I realize in Davao I didn’t see any foreigners nor do anything at all that inspired me other than activities on the Internet/computer. I’m in Angeles City at the moment where my right eye was was gouged out in 1999, and I really prefer this city for dealing with my homesickness. Other locations in the Philippines have appeal for those who aren’t homesick.

After becoming stimulated/motivated/inspired into a frenzy watching the college and NFL football games on the big screen at the sports bar here in Angeles city and feeling much happier and motivated, I now realize I need violent sports regularly. I realize I have a very aggressive temperament. I compared my reactions to other foreigners in the sports bar and I’m much more aggressively intense in my reactions (itching to get on the field!) than most of the other guys when watching a football game, same as I remember for my experience attending a stadium in the U.S.A.. And if I don’t satiate that side of my personality, then I become moody, irritable, depressed, non-inspired, negative outlook on life, etc.. Nietzsche was correct. I have a Caucasian pensive mind trapped inside of a native American body and adrenals. When Robert reacts to my interest in boxing with the very logical retort about the risk of loss of mental capabilities due to blows to the head/skull, my logical mind knows he is absolutely correct. From a probability risk assessment, boxing makes no sense for anyone who has a promising career outside of boxing. My rational mind knows it’s absolutely silly to engage in fights that can’t be won with overwhelming force, but my Cherokee genetics is foolishly aggressive and brave. I can cope well with high agreeableness, conscientiousness and cooperation when nobody attempts to fuck with me and when I get my daily violent release in some form of very masculine, contact sports. I genuinely admire masculine men and consider them to be my brothers after going into sports battles with or against them. Note I’m no where near being in the category of the most or even very violent men. I’m extremely tame compared to many other hardcore criminals and beasts who roam this Earth. But I do need to partake in that masculine contact sports activity often.

Then there are those insane Westerners who contemplate that they can change or legislate change to our evolutionary biology in one or two generations:

How gender norms affect anti-LBGT prejudice around the world

Boys with gender-equitable attitudes less likely to engage in violent behavior

“This study illustrates the need for cross-cutting prevention strategies that address multiple aspects of youth violence,” commented Alison Culyba, associate professor of pediatrics at the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, one of the study’s authors.

“The Me Too Movement brought to light how pervasive sexual violence and derogatory behavior toward women is in our society,” said lead author Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD, professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh.

Western licensed doctors will wake up one day and realize they have been enlisted by our global elite to subvert the “norms” (i.e. wisdom) of Christianity. They will be forced to choose as Jesus said purportedly said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's” — Matthew 22:21. Remember the following was/is a corruption of the false prophet Paul which Jesus warned would come:

“Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities” — Romans 13:1

Also I have confirmed 76 Mbps upload and 68 Mbps download with 5ms latency to in country servers in the condo I checked into today. Blows the doors off of the 10 Mbps maximum I experienced in a condo in Davao and the 1 – 3 Mbps I was suffering through in my rental house in Davao for past decade.

Trying to think of where to locate outside the West as obviously the West is collapsing into societalcide and it is going to get very very bad before 2026. Seems the American and European guys who are reading my blogs are like deer in the headlights, who are paralyzed and can’t do any actions to alter their fate.

Koreans and Chinese are heavily investing in Luzon! The land prices in population centers have increased 10 – 1000X in past few years.

I wrote on this blog:

Job-based U.S. green card backlog tops 800,000:

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Some 800,000 immigrants working legally in the United States are still waiting for employment-based green cards that would allow them to stay permanently.


Most of those waiting for job-based green cards are Indian nationals. The backlog is so severe that an Indian national who applies for a green card now can expect to wait up to 50 years to get one.

The wait is mainly caused by an annual quota unchanged since 1990 and per-country limits enacted decades before the tech boom made India the top source of job-based green card seekers.

The Philippines has an advantage as a potential burgeoning tech hub in that it tries to maintain visa-free entry for as many countries as possible, including developing countries.

Israel reciprocates because the Philippines had provided a refuge for Jews escaping persecution earlier in the 20th century.

In this blog I wrote:

So where would you rather place your fiefdom? In the societalcide West or in patriarchal Asia? Former will require taking it in the arse from leftists and the latter requires tiptoeing (i.e. keeping head below the tops of the tall poppies) around the Asian oligarchs:

(continued in my comment response to this comment)


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