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Steemhunt is a community-driven product platform built on the steem blockchain that rewards its users upon hunting a verified and top-ranked product.

Accepted product cut across multiple types, but what they all have in common is that they are usually geek related or technologically wise.

Steemhunt unlike other steem based dapps which acts as an interface to access the steem network comes with a real-life application, by creating products of different types, Steemhunt is gradually creating a market system that would allow product owners to showcase/display their product to a large number of potential buyers.

Like, Steemit, and others, Steemhunt requires an individual to own a steem based account before access is granted to one.

How to create a steem account has been explained on multiple posts prior to now, but for the benefits of those joining us today, you can read through this post to get full detail on how to own/create a steem account.

Upon creating a steem account, the user will be required to have access to his/her active key in other to gain access to the Steemhunt platform.

Steps to achieve this can be found via the post above.

Features of Steemhunt

To get rewarded via the steemhunt platform, you are required to understand certain terms

  • Product

  • Hunter

  • User score

  • Influencers.

As mentioned above, Steemhunt is a community-driven product platform, but then not all product we come across daily is accepted



Acceptable product cut across various types like gaming, web services, Mobile apps, and others. A complete list of accepted product can be found Here under posting guideline number 2.

Knowing the above and the type of products accepted does not end there, the guideline is straight forward but most times, even a product you were 100% sure will be approve get delisted due to one or two reason you probably did not put into consideration.

As a new user with no proper guidance about which product is accepted and the format to ensure your hunt product get approved, I will advise the user do a thorough read of the posting guidelines and if still confused, then all questions related to Steemhunt can be asked via their discord channel, a link will be dropped at the end of this post.


These are steem users who hunt for products, vote, and control which hunt product get rewarded at the end of the day.

Creating and getting a hunt product approved is the first step but getting rewarded for it is not certain.

Daily, the top 100 approved hunt product are rewarded via the @steemhunt account and in other for your product post to be among the top 100, hunters need to vote it.

Unlike steemit, and other steem based platform where users are able to reward themselves, steemhunt does not approve of this.

Hunters are required to vote daily on product post they found worthy to be rewarded.

This is further determined by a user score.

User score


User score is determined by different variables and most times it becomes hard to keep track of which is which and why the score is down or up.

Unlike steemit, and other steem based dapp were reward being given out is determined by your voting power, voting percentage, and steempower

On steemhunt, the above is not the case as different variables are calculated and the sum total of what your user score should be is displayed to you.

The user score determines the amount you can give a product post, the higher the score, the more likely that product will be among the top 100 rewarded that day.

Different blogs prior to now have been made to explain how this works

The above should give you a better understanding of the User score


To combat vote for vote behavior on steemhunt, certain users are given higher user score that would ensure only the best product is ranked top daily.

These users are called influencers, unlike the regular user score hunters get, influencers score are multiplied by 3, that would give them three times the score value they initially had.

With that much power, much is expected as well.

What makes steemhunt different from other dapps currently available on the steem blockchain?

Steemhunt is not just another interface to access the steem blockchain but more than that, it is a platform that hopes to bring mass adoption to the steem network and also increase the number of investors.

Apart from steem and sbd which is gotten when a post-payout, hunt token is also given to steemhunt users.

Hunt tokens currently can be gotten via different means

  • Delegation to steemhunt

  • Daily voting of product post

  • Social shares

  • Comment voting.

  • Swap of steem to hunt token

As at now, the hunt token is valueless and usability is yet to be achieved.

Presently, there is no alternative or competition to steemhunt and its features are quite unique, one of a kind if am not over-exaggerating.

my rating

Usability, accessibility, and uniqueness make the dapp worth 5/5 and with a good team behind it, we should be expecting nothing less than superb from the dapp.

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