A Paradise for Reading & Art Enthusiasts: The Last Bookstore

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Welcome to "The Last Bookstore" in Los Angeles, California!


Ok, so it's not literally, "the last bookstore" in all of LA. Some of us Californians DO still read books! But it's certainly the most visually stunning bookstore I've ever seen.


Fanciful decor, book sculptures, plenty of corners with windows and cozy seats... you really can kill a few hours here and not even realize it.


I was even impressed by the background music playing. An interesting mix of classic Christmas carols, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Alternative.



Yes, The Last Bookstore has something for everyone. If your visiting group includes someone who is not an avid reader and could really care less for books (as my group did), never fear! The second floor is full of miniature art galleries and little gift shops with all manner of glistening and grungy paraphernalia you never needed, but will enjoy admiring.


Nothing about this place is conventional. The aisles meander in mazes. The bookcases are of various shapes, sizes, colors. There are tunnels sculpted from books. The books are generally organized by topic... but then you come upon a "Red" section, where you guessed it...all the book covers are "RED."


If Alice in Wonderland owned a bookstore, this would be it.


It's such an awesome place that you can even bring your TEENAGERS and they will be happy, entertained, and declare it a "pretty cool place."

If you can't make it out to The Last Bookstore today, you CAN get your fix for intriguing reading and innovative Rare Digital Art at the click of your mouse right now HERE




I can honestly say that this is the best bookstore I have seen in forever!!! I wish there was one like this near me!! The tunnel of books is clearly from a very clever mind.

Is this a privately owned store? Well, obviously it's not. I don't know why I asked. I want to go there! I want to be part of that scenery! I think I would want to go to the bookstore every day or at least every week at the very least! Who wouldn't??

I love the little things about the store... the red room. The book sculptures, the music! I haven't seen a decent bookstore in ages! Corners to hide in, couches to curl up in... coffee and a footstool, cozying up to the fireplace. This is so delicious! You are the absolute best, woman!!

Thank you for always coming up with fun places and cool posts! I appreciate the effort you put into your posts!

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Thanks so much Denise! Well, come on over to LA and visit us and the Bookstore ;) What's so awesome is that it's a bookstore that everyone can enjoy (even non literary types) but for avid readers, you just think, "Wow, these are my people. They get me. They designed all this with me in mind."

Hey! I'm in LA, too! We should meet!

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True! Maybe at The Last Bookstore? :)

Yeah! We should introduce our son to that place!

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Great to see a book store seemingly to be doing well and what a cool and unique store it is thanks for sharing with us

Thanks @tattoodjay! If you ever find yourself in LA, it's worth checking out.

I used to often stop in LA when flying back to NZ, but now that I dont fly anymore not sure I will make it there again

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