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Designed by @cahlen

All of my time and energy were devoted to bring a project to live, the Speak Freely TV project. I am given the opportunity the work with amazing and fantastic people who are a part of @sndbox final quest. Speak Freely TV is a project that I deeply attached with.

My first project on Steemit.
My first time collaborating with people on Steemit.
Immense gratitude to be able to work with these people.

I have a message to my team,

  • I'm really glad that I have chosen this team.
  • Everyone in SFTV are so proactive and eager to contribute to the completion of the quest.
  • I want to say thank you to all of you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.
  • I hope we'll work again soon in the future.
  • You all are fantastic, awesome and amazing! @cahlen, @evecab, @wanderlass, @amymya, @akbarrafs

Working with the SFTV team has never been a greater joy than now. A team which everyone is a leader of themselves, takes initiatives to get things done.

With great honor and respect, we've completed our Final Quest: Step Two which is creating a business plan for Speak Freely TV. The links are below!

Our Team Speak Freely TV Video
Link to Project Plan

Taking an introspective path in the final quest, I would regard myself as the big picture organizer, initiator and writer.

Let me show you how.

When I start getting notifications from Speak Freely TV discord channel, I was sick for 2 days, food poisoned to be exact. Everyone started introducing themselves and discussing "What are we gonna do for this project?" kind of topics. Remarkable ideas were thrown everywhere in the channel, which is beautiful to see. At this point, I was a spectator.

Defining Vision

2 days later, just after @cahlen touched on "Vision" topic, I'm ready to contribute. To me, it very important that all of us are aligned on the vision because that's our direction and cause. We will be strong if we believe in our vision. So I started to gather pieces of information that have been thrown in the discord channel and I found out a relevance. Relevance between the type of questions asked and the intention behind those questions.

The first question suggested is "What are you most afraid of?" and second question is "If you know the world is listening, what would you say?". Everyone liked these kinds of questions. My brain started looking how these are connected, what are the intentions.

Aha! The intention is "To provide a free platform for poeple to express themselves freely, from a space of authenticity and vulnerability without being discriminated or judged." It's a vision that I deeply believe in.

I suggested this vision and everyone agreed to it right away. It's a beautiful cause, really. "I'll be glad to work a project like this!"

Now that our beliefs are aligned, we're starting getting into real business. @evecab created Google Docs and @wanderlass created Google Sheets to track our progress and information.

Enhance Collaboration

Since the beginning, all of us love to make a video since it's Speak Freely TV after all! It's a TV show. Here I've suggested an idea with the intention to work closer together, making a collaboration video. Not sure this is how you call it but the video comprised of all of us talking at separate locations. You can view the video at @speakfreelytv page.

Then the filmmaker in the house, @akbarrafs showed us one of this videos made before. "Perfect! Exactly what I want!"

The Big Picture Time

Then comes my long comment. Like I've mentioned, I am the big picture person at the beginning. I suggested we need to have goals and how we know we've achieved those goals, aka metrics. Of course, with suggestions comes example. I do not believe in suggesting "We need to do something" without tell people what that something is. It's almost like a bullshit to me, really.

As this post is about giving myself credits, I'd not do that entirely because what I've contributed is an outcome of the team spirit. I'd like to give as much credits to each of the team members as well.

Moving on, all of us started to work on the Google docs. What we're missing is a framework or template of a business plan. @wanderlass is proactive to find one and updated the Google docs. Great! It's easier to work on a framework else we'd be scattered.

Here comes the initiator "me".

The Google Docs was blank in the beginning so I've decided to document, organize and write down everything we have discussed so far. I've also created a open question section in the document, because important questions always get pushed up in discord. They remain hidden until you scroll up or search.

I read what everyone have said and agreed then write those down in Google Docs, suchh as vision, goals, metrics, teams and budget. Pretty much all the big chunks.

Transparency is helpful, ambiguity is not.

Everything I've updated I make it transparent. I "report" to the team what I've done and what I've changed.

Regularly, I will check on Google Docs to see what can I refine more, enhance more and fill in the missing gaps. Sometime I'll see some of my team members viewing and editing the docs too!

This brings me to the "writer" in me.

On the creativity side, I've decided to spice things up in the proposal, particularly the role description. It sounds like a class description in a game. Here's an example :

At the same time, the business "writer" me comes into play. Writing stuff down in points and concise is the way to go for a business proposal. For the empty parts such as budget and deliverables, they're in point form so that it's easier for you to read.

At this point, other team members have filled other parts such as executive summary, success criteria, and others.

Different Hats

In this project, I was flexible enough to wear different hats to contribute at different times. When I need to be big pictured, I will be. When I need to be an initiator, I will be. When I need to be a writer, I will be.

However, I am not perfect in this team. There are some areas I need to improve as well.

  • Like I’m still nervous speaking in front of camera. With Speak Freely TV, I'll have more chances to speak in front of camera. Instead of nervous, I'll be excited!
  • Difficult to balance between question or tell. Balancing between question and tell is a conscious choice. I'll need to consciously prioritize the feelings of the other rather than just getting things done.
  • Be more responsive regularly in discord and I wish I could’ve attended those meetings. I’ve only attended one so far 😭. I have enabled notifications for my Speak Freely Team discord channel, in this way, I'll stay updated and engaged.

Every Experience is a Learning Process

This is a learning journey for me and I've definitely learn about working effectively with a virtual team and the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded people.

I believe in working to your strengths. I’m glad that @sndbox decided to split us up and group us together from different expertise. Diversity is marvellous! I work to my strengths in being a visionary, initiator and writer. I’m sure others are working to their strengths too.



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It was a joy working with you Tifa, so great to have such an organised and thoughtful person to do a project with!

Hey @amymya, same here. It's great to work with you too, you're really proactive and responsible :)

Happy to have worked with you and the team. You are indeed an excellent writer! I think we're moving to the next steps of this project. Check out the discord :D

Hey @wanderlass. I'm happy to work with you too :)
Yeah, everyone's talking about collaboration.

I believe you can stand and speak in front of the camera. Nice work Tifa :)

Hey @akbarrafs, hahaha I'll try my best. Thank youuu

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