Submit Posts About Education & Science - Week 4

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Thank you for all of the wonderful Education & Science posts over the last week! We really appreciate all of the hard work making such great content!

If you’d like to submit a post related to this month’s theme and be eligible for an upvote from @sndbox-alpha, please post a link to it in the comment section below and our curators will take a look at it.

This is the last week to submit posts about Education & Science! This curation theme will end on May 20th.

The Criteria

We all know that voting power is not unlimited, hence we are not able to upvote all submissions. Here are some criteria that will help clarify most of our expectations.

  • The post is not more than three days old at the time of submission. This will give us ample time to review the content.
  • The post is descriptive enough. We are looking for at least 300+ words and 3 images. A detailed video can be considered in place of a written post.


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We are looking forward to your submissions for this week!

Curation Theme: Education & Science (April 23rd - May 20th)

Curation Team: @bitrocker2020, @teachblogger, @jrswab and @jeffbernst



Hello folks!

This is my post, exactly 3 days old, so I think this can qualify.

Cheers @sndbox-alpha!

And here's my post, maybe that could be considered under education since we are actually teaching however it's our recognition day. I hope you like it


Hello, in this article I explain how the nervous system works and how it helps us in our daily lives.

Greetings! @sndbox-alpha

Here is my post

Qualifies all criteria just as others I put here put end up getting nothing. Hoping this to be different.


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Thanks for the support @sndbox-alpha, Here I leave you my new job I hope you like me. Greetings. God bless you.

I am submitting my post for the first time. Hope you consider it

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Oh hey finally I can submit mine!

Here you go. Hope it qualifies.

Some kinda education and science in one post.

Good! Here my contribution to the post of education and science.
Course "Electronics for all - Basic concepts of electrical circuits"

My publication, educating for the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Here is my take on Science Education, as i tutor my son I figure I can compile the subject for other parents. Hence I also draw every diagrams by myself, sort of like coming out with own's teaching material. Hope it suits the theme & criteria ;) But your judgement is still the best. Thank you @sndbox-alpha for your time and effort.

Hi - A link to my latest post on 'seven reasons to be critical of social media optimism' - first of a massive new series I'm starting TODAY! Cheers:

Oh its sndbox alpha last day for the education and science theme. Here is my last entry

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