Submit Posts About Education & Science - Week 3

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Thank you for all of the wonderful Education & Science posts over the last week! We really appreciate all of the hard work making such great content!

If you’d like to submit a post related to this month’s theme and be eligible for an upvote from @sndbox-alpha, please post a link to it in the comment section below and our curators will take a look at it!

The Criteria

We all know that voting power is not unlimited, hence we are not able to upvote all submissions. Here are some criteria that will help clarify most of our expectations.

  • The post is not more than three days old at the time of submission. This will give us ample time to review the content.
  • The post is descriptive enough. We are looking for at least 300+ words and 3 images. A detailed video can be considered in place of a written post.


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We are looking forward to your submissions for this week!

Curation Theme: Education & Science (April 23rd - May 20th)

Curation Team: @bitrocker2020, @teachblogger, @jrswab and @jeffbernst



This is my publication, teaching about respect and good coexistence.

Hello Sndbox , Wow I can't believe that it is already week 3 now. Here is my entry for Science today:

Hi - thanks for running these excellent curation initiatives. Here is a link to my latest education post, on why I'm quitting teaching after 19 years in the game. It brings together 10 previous posts, but does also offer something new. I'm pretty sure it'll be different from post of the other submissions.

The post: '10 reasons why I've Quit Teaching'.

Thanks for actually taking the time to read it, comments, as always, are MOST welcome!


Breaks my heart... my post is 4 days old. Oh well. :(

I just got to know about this initiative and after proper review, I commend it and its team, great work.

Here is my post

Hello friends of @sndbox-alfa! thanks for this opportunity, I await your analysis in my publication greetings !!

Here is my post about Effects of Mining in the Environment.
Category: Science and Education

I very much appreciate what you're doing here. To give my support I've joined your curation trail.

Thanks so much again @Sndbox-alpha. I decided to go a bit deeper in to some topics from my previous education post.

My new one is Experiential vs Didactic learning and finding effective balance in Education

I'm really excited to be involved more with Sndbox!

Greetings @sndbox-alpha. Thank you for the opportunity that you give to convene with educational rigour and science publications to evaluate them.

I leave my contribution to undergo review desire that the project be expanded and have immense success. Thank you

Here is another entry from yours truly.
Category: Science and Education focusing Mining Industry

Woah! My first time in giving direct to the point suggestions for the development of Philippine Educational System. I hope this can contribute to my countries development and to the quality content creators here in Steemit. Keep inspiring @sndbox-alpha!

an article about A mental disorder is what I am offering to everyone today

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