Hey! Keep Writing, keep Philosophizing... Remember we are Curating!

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As we reach the end of our term curating posts about Philosophy and general writing, the @sndbox-alpha team of the month formed by @fingersik, @guyfawkes4-20 and @anomadsoul highly encourages you to let your creative and analytical mind fly away and write away regardin these subjects.

For the past week we´ve been focusing our curation efforts mostly in Philosophy related posts to be in line with the current Snbox summer camp Quest but as of today, we will also be putting a lot of attention in the writing tag.

The entries for the Summer camp have been amazing, we appreciate the engagement and passion towards the Philosophy, Psichology and Sociology Quest, it has been a delight to read the participations and soon we will be announcing those Steemians who are eligibile to participate in the Final Quest that will decide who gets to join the much awaited Sndbox Summer Camp, be on the lookout for the results!

Remember that curation is subjetive to the team behind @sndbox-alpha, so we want to remind you guys what we look in a post related to Philosophy and General writing when we are curating:

Length of a post: Quality is subjective, but quantity is objective. We need a well written post, with a beginning, a subject development, conclusions and possible outcomes when it is philosophy related, and when the post is about writing, we look for stories or topics well developed, with timing and a good pace. We are clear that quantity is necessary because we have plenty posts to choose from and often, the amount of words is a determining factor. We want to reward longer valuable posts first because most of the times, a long post means the author took a long time and effort so we think that 400 words are a minimum that anyone could get up to.

Original Content: One of Steemit´s main pilars is the Original content. We are verifying every post we find with a premium plagiarism check to ensure that everything is in order. We mostly support content made special for Steem, but in some cases when the content is top quality, and we feel it deserves more rewards and eyes, we will curate reposts from personal blogs outside Steem.

Useful information: You cannot go wrong with a minimum of 400 original words and some great ideas, so if you accomplish these, your chances of getting curated by us are very high.

Also, we want to mention that we’ll try to stay as objective as possible and even curate content that we don’t agree with on a personal level as long as it’s valuable and might help some people.

So, as we said, keep writing and keep philosophizing because we are curating!


Hello @sndbox-alpha

This is my post about the philosophy of life,
if it is worth to be curated, please you value.


Thaks, Nice too meet you.

Keep writing? Okey

Im writing and say may title post a KSI Bukan Komunitas Steemit Indonesia

Ops? Dont worries.

You must read https://steemit.com/indonesia/@andrianhabibi/ksi-bukan-komunitas-steemit-indonesia for know what i means

When I went to bed last night my post was worth 1.24 and I had no reason to think it would go much higher if at all. Than I wake up this moringing and my post is 9.20 for which I had to blink and make sure I wasn't seeing the sand man artistic expressions.

Looking in comments I find out it was the result of a bot called @sndbox-alpha! and that formed by @anomadsoul, @GuyFawkes4-20 and @fingersik.

However the most important to me information I got was that:

"We are seeking posts of the highest quality and we deem your endeavour as one of them."

As a content creator those words are way more valuable to me than the curation. My post represent months of reading mostly boring material. Someone out their thought it was of the highest quality. The tears that came to my eye's where also of the highest quality.


This team has been nothing but amazing. Thank you the upvotes and the 'open' opportunity.

Keep spirit for writing brother

thanks friends for the support they gave me recently I am very grateful to the @sndbox-alpha team, helping the new minnows who are not valued for their good publications, they are doing a great job guys thanks

Thank you for this @sndbox-alpha! Looking forward in this. It's definitely an incentive for people to continue and push through with their passion. Good job!

This is a really good thing that you all are doing. Thanks

I want to by in this creative team so badly but it feels like im unseen because of rules aaargh great project anyways!💙

@sndbox, you and your wonderful ideas! Xx

Thanks so much for organising a wide array of challenges. Planktons like me may have a chance to be promoted and become parts of the community.

Thank you very much @sndbox-alpha! I am honored to have earned your support.

Hello @sndbox-alpha, amazing ... This project is growing. I want to participate to be part of the people who give support for this project. I have done an action in steemauto to be a part of @sndbox-alpha. As a form of participation, this is my writing on philosophy. This time I made a post about the philosophy of plants, how can plants give lessons to our lives? they grow? they provide many life lessons for human beings. If you do not mind, you can visit it at the following link !


and then!!!


Hello @sndbox-alpha ... thanks for this project. I want to grow and grow up with the community. Support @sndbox-alpha is hope. If you have spare time, you can see my writing about the philosophy below:


Hello @sndbox-alpha, Let me introduce my art. I develop my own techniques for abstract paintings. This is one of them: https://steemit.com/art/@jecminek/today-finished-original-painting-composition-18-690-photos-of-neverending-details-included

Hahaha. Well I haven't felt like posting any philosophical stuff yet. :P I'm into food lately. Whew.

Regards @sndbox-alpha
I'm sorry to mention too many names

I've written about philosophy and this release is a life story.

If it is worth writing into your voter list, please review it.


Thank you @sndbox-alpha, Nice too meet You!

So glad with the unlimited opportunities you all are providing to the people!! :) @sndbox-alpha @fingersik @guyfawkes4-20 @anomadsoul

Im with your opinian. Be happy in writing

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