Malaysian Steem Accelerator Hub - an introduction

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Good day Steemians its @bitrocker2020 from #teammalaysia

This post is an introduction post of Malaysian Steem Accelerator Hub ( @myach ) a new collaboration with @sndbox to accelerate the growth of Steemians in Malaysia to nurture great quality content from the community.

About @sndbox - | about sndbox

They are an incubator project dedicated towards bringing STEEM to the professional practice of creatives and entrepreneurs in New York City and beyond. They are @hansikhouse and @voronoi - of @hitheryon - the team behind STEEM Park.

About @myach - | about teammalaysia

Its a collaboration initiative between curators of #teammalaysia and @sndbox to provide guidance and support to new steemians as they familiar themselves on steemit and also start making quality content.

How it works ?

  • @myach will select and mentor 2 new members every month
  • the mentoring process will take place over online chatroom. ( once you are selected then you will receive details )
  • its required that new members do at least 2 post a week with the guidance of @myach

How do I signup as a new member ?

Why should I participate as a member ?

  • you get a direct 1 to 1 mentoring with experienced steemians - checkout all the posts done thru these mentoring process
  • you will receive support in all the questions which you want to ask in regards to steemit
  • your posts will be supported by all existing members and new members of this program

Is there a fee ?

  • there is a minimum monthly fee of 60 SBD which can easily be covered from all the posts which you will do
  • all new members are able to recommend two new members to join which then reduce their monthly fee to only 20 SBD due at the end of every month
  • there is no binding contract or whatever, if you feel that you want to no longer require mentoring, you can just let @myach know and we'll wish you well

What are the fees going to be used for ? | link

50% of SBD received through memberships will be converted to STEEM power to help grow the account. The other 50% of these fees will go towards support costs of maintaining the incubator service including programming and projects throughout the year. This will include offline programs in New York City & Malaysia through our official Meetup Channel, Steemit workshops and community projects like STEEM Park.

What else would we expect from @myach

  • for now its at its infant stages where we are growing the community rapidly mentoring process like these are essential to ensure the quality of content is maintain
  • other activities will be included together with #teammalaysia activities

State of the TEAMMALAYSIA community

#teammalaysia has grown rapidly over the past 2 months from just 25 people to now over 300 strong content creators. these was made possible by a series of events held across Malaysia. Our goal is to introduce steemit to as many individuals, clubs, associations and schools in Malaysia to make this community into an extremely diverse and vibrant community.

How do I support the community ?

MYACH is a community driven platform which is set to replicate the robust online offering in the offline space and for that, we are working on ways that Steemians can be involved in supporting this work. We strive to have a massive presence in Malaysia.You can support this initiative by:-

  • join #teammalaysia discord
  • Tell us about new and exciting ways we can become a part of your community to help it grow.
  • Follow @myach for weekly updates on articles written by new users and community participation.

You can support the community by voting on my witness at scroll all the way to the bottom


Thank you for reading and following the incubation and development process of MYACH and I would be very appreciative of your feedback. So tell us what we can do better, add and or exclude, I'd love to hear from you.

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This is great! You were too quiet, so I knew you must be working on something awesome. :)


hehe ... big plans ahead bro ! loads of ground work to cover =)

Awesome, this is a great initiative @myach + @bitrocker2020! I'm a fan and a supporter :D looking forward to collaborating on this. Go #teammalaysia!


lol .... thanks man ... #sndbox is an awesome initiative . wouldn't miss collaborating with u guys

Best blog, i'm upvoted.....


thanks bro

Great results! Thanks for sharing

Please count on me !


awesome !

I really like your post, I will wait for your next post, because this post is very good

Just had a great meeting with @bitrocker2020 and can't wait to launch the next level of Steemit in the Malaysian community. #steemon

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all the best teammalaysia

Great! Im also trying to work on something using steem blockchain. Bought domain already

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I bought patot beli masih ada

Congratulations @myach!
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Nice initiative. All the best!