Sndbox Summer Camp: Project Development & Coding Quest - Rules

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Projects & Coding Quest

The last couple of weeks have run out fast, and we’re finally here at the last quest before the big, Final Quest that will determinate who’s getting into the Sndbox Summer Camp and who’s not. In case you’re new and don’t know what this is, feel free to read more about our project on here and here.

As you can read from @anomadsoul’s introduction post to the quest, this time we’re focusing on Projects and Coding since we want to give you the chance to work on your ideas because we know how hard it is to find support on Steem especially if you’re just starting out.

Click here to read the introduction post

Special thanks to @Sndbox, @voronoi, and @hansikhouse for giving us the opportunity to do this.



This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, now is the time to pitch us your ideas and be assured that you have somebody reading and being interested in your project. You will have to make an in-depth post about your project idea where you tell us what you want to accomplish and why exactly you want to do that and we might provide you with support and guidance.

You can’t pitch us a project that is already launched and has a team behind it because then, we can’t work with it anymore. But you can pitch us a project that is launched, but you are the only person involved in it.

By agreeing to work with us on developing your project, you also agree on taking up teammates that will help you build your ideas and make your project come to life. We want to help you launch your projects but also involve the community that will possibly share a spot with you in Sndbox.

Ideas Theft: We do not guarantee that somebody else will not steal your ideas if you make a post about them but truth to be told you don’t have to worry about that. Ideas are floating everywhere, so nobody’s going to steal yours because they are too lazy to put it in practice, you are most probably safe.


We are on a blockchain, so we know how important the coding side is for project developments, so we need coders in our camp too, and this is your time to get a spot in. You will have to make a post where you showcase your former work in this field, everything you’ve done that is related to coding and why do you do what you do.

Keep in mind that we want to assure ourselves that you’re good in your field so make sure to share anything that you think might make us see you as a skilled coder. The more insightful the post is, the better because we want to understand you as much as possible.

To Follow

For your post you will have to use the tag #sndboxquest and the title Sndbox Summer Camp – Your Field (Project or Coding depending on the one you are writing about) – Anything else you want to appear in the title. Using that kind of title and only the tag #sndboxquest is highly important because we can distinguish the posts between them and make sure which are for the camp and which are not.

In case you have any questions make sure to ask us down below because @anomadsoul and I will try to reply as many as possible.

The deadline is 18th May 11:59 PST.

Completing the Quest does not guarantee you a spot in the Summer Camp, nor being selected guarantees you a place in @Sndbox

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I don't know but I really do have a project, I've had one the things is, I don't kow if art considered projects can work I mean it's not really top science top knotch, but art has been my line, I've wanted to join @sndbox to promote and raise awareness of all majorly poetry art, it will involve getting to find the best poetry blog posts on the blockchain and compiling then.

Now it can become a contest, I have the idea, I don't want to bore you with many detail but is poetry and literature allowed?


I kinda know what you mean, I think you should make a post about it and see what things you can tweak to make it stand out from the other similar things. Scalability to something like that shouldn't be a problem.


Well said, thank you so much

@superoo7 definitely your time to shine!


Finally! Thanks for tagging


Haha. No prob! All the best :)

You can’t pitch us a project that is already launched and has a team behind it because then, we can’t work with it anymore. But you can pitch us a project that is launched, but you are the only person involved in it.

I have been leading a project for 2 months, we believe that sndbox help would be very good, it would be an honor for us. Currently those who are most involved in the project are only 2 people, me and @jeilinespinel. That is a limitation to propose our project for the summer camp quest?


The project is looking very good, but that is kind of an issue because we are trying to help people develop their projects and also involve the Summer Camp members, so it's teamwork. This way we can build friendships and ensure that those people will be working together on even more stuff if they get in Sndbox.

But, I think you should still make a post about it or about some other project idea since we might be able to work something around it, to find a way to make it work. :)

Edit: I just noticed that you made the post, looking good.


I think that you already read the post, thank you for that and for your sincerity.

I am totally open to work together with members of the summer camp on my project, I need to move it forward, in fact, it would be an honor for me to do so since it was people from sndbox who chose them (the summer camp members), and sndbox has been a key reference for me during these two months working on the project, I hope you take it into consideration.

This is good... There are a lot of Steemians who has great ideas for projects but need helps to support for its development.


Thank you. Hopefully, more will join, this is quite an opportunity. :)

Howdy! I just submitted a project for the Summer Camp, and can't seem to remove the #speakfreely-tv tag from the post so that the only category is #sndboxquest as you instructed. It might be because I reference the tag in the post body. Will this be an issue?


Nevermind, I was able to remove it from Busy. Looks like Steemit automatically adds tags referenced in the post.

Hope we get some awesome projects under this final Quest!