Steem hardfork keeps people attention

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Outcomes of the last Scoring Round shows that Snax is proving to be a valuable tool for detecting trends and leaders of opinions.
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Top-3 of the Snax Attention Table for Steem shows that an economic proposal for the next Steem hardfork is what's bothering steemian’s minds right now. Article Hardfork 21 - Steem Proposal System (SPS) + Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP) created a significant wave of valuable engagements and brought @timcliff to the top!

So, here's top-3 accounts and their post, collected most engagements:

  1. @timcliff - Hardfork 21 - Steem Proposal System (SPS) + Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP)

  2. @trafalgar - EIP FAQ

  3. @steemitblog - 3 Month Retrospective, MIRA Public Release

Check attention Rate table:

Reminder: Snax rewards content creators for the attention their content generates over a Scoring Round. Scoring Round for Steem takes about 1 day, for Twitter - 2 days.


What’s the attention regarding SMT?

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I hope @snaxteam will look into this.... This is sample comments to show to @snaxteam that the counters for

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maynot be accurate? Or maybe I am not following it?

Hi, @corenet, I am from @SnaxTeam.
I understood correctly, did you solve this question in our Discord?

I hope they don't implement the 50/50 split. This wouldnt be cool for minnows to dolphins and most Steemians would hate it.

If Snax evaluates activity on once a day, I miss the Snax account rating for May 25th, May 27th and 29.5.
Do I have bad information or is the error somewhere else?

Hi, @bucipuci
24 hours - minimum interval between scoring rounds. We guarantee that all social activity will be processed and rewarded, but we do not guarantee that payments will be made daily at regular intervals. You have received rewards for all past scoring rounds, don't worry)

Thanks for the feedback. I was a little puzzled by the view of daily evaluation and the subsequent comparison with my wallet balance.

Yea it's about the next big thing that would probably affect the price of Steem in the short to medium term.

I'll definelt be keeping my eyes on @coingecko to make sure I don't miss any Steem price movements soon.

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I'm just registered and I'm currently here:

I'm going to keep working on my posts to increase these numbers.

I'm looking forward for the next updates form Snax.


Ich möchte mein Konto auch verknüpfen, da ich mich irgendwie nicht bei Snax einloggen kann.
Allerdings habe ich kein Twitter-Acount.
Was muss ich tun?
Danke für Deine Antworten.

Forgive my ignorance but is this based only on steemit or attention from all dapps like, steempeak, etc

Hi this is working for the whole Steem blockchain.

Thanks for the confirmation that’s awesome

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