@lays take it as an opportunty to get more steem as it is very cheap now...price will moon by next year, so stop complaining rather buy steem and power up and you will be all smiles next year ie after the HFORK 20 and SMT token implementation

That could happen. That is one possible outcome. But no need to buy STEEM today. There will be a chance to buy at less than $0.25 in a few months. If you want to load up, I'd wait until it gets a lot closer to hitting bottom

why would it drop to 0.25? why is it so low now?thanks for your explanation

STEEM will return to at least 0.001BTC and possibly go between 50-100% higher than that. At that time, 0.001BTC will likely be worth as much as £8-10.

Warning: This could be bullshit. Or it could be an accurate prediction based on an analysis of the markets by someone with an excellent talent for problem solving. I'm not sure which one it is.

I would exercise some restraint in case it is the latter. What you do is up to you, but asking Ned to sort it out is not really productive. He is obviously already concerned with the price as he has a considerably larger stake in STEEM than you or I. But some people who read a comment such as yours may be inclined to go sell their STEEM if they believe people to be worrying about the price.

You are hurting your cause, friend.

It is an inflationary coin! Try Powering up to SteemPower for inflation protection - plus you can use it to upvote!

Buying votes doesn't help the price

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What's with the GIF? I thought this was about building a whale, not getting humped by one.

But, I suppose it is rather fitting considering one pretty much needs to bend over in front of a whale in order to make some worthy rewards around here.

Hahaha lol This is very funny


Just me trying to be inclusive of le Spanish hombres.

I'll sell you some whale lube for SBD.

Lube is for pussies.

I need more of your comments. Gonna replace it with my current coke addiction.
jk about the coke addiction mom

Is that you trying to explain the humping in your logo? I'd be lost for words too.

Build A Whale... We may not always be successful, but we trying ;)

Is @ned a wizard? I don't know if he can simply snap his fingers and raise the Steem price on the open market.

Perhaps this is an inside joke.... in which case I am the fool.

It gave me a laugh though. And not at you. I too would like to see the price of Steem go up. It should. It is much better than alt coins going for $20 or more. But in a short term drop.... it is probably 100% out of @ned's control.

at least he can put fake holdings to make price stable

I think if he does anything FAKE and then someone finds out.... THAT could ruin Steem and steemit completely.

I don't think doing fake anything is the answer.

If @ned is still trying to diversify his portfolio and powering down his account to other crypto currencies he could stop and that would put less downward pressure on the price of STEEM. But that goes for all the early adopters and points out my previous points of needing other real world places to spend your STEEM on.

Steem is up. Perhaps you're the wizard :o

Great way to use vote buying!