Attention all smoke testnet users

This is just a shout out to all testnet users.

Are you as excited as I am to get to bug test and watch all the amazing work @smokenetwork is doing to get this amazing network online.

Thanks everyone on the tram at all the great work they have been outing in to

One thing I do want to say to all the users on the testnet. This is a testnet not the main net.

So what does that mean you ask well let me first explain to you what a testnet is.
A testnet is in a way like a beta or alpha test. We are the beta tester testing the platform.
We are testing how the chain will do with the change smoke team has done to the backend block chain code that will bring us all the great differences to the steem code that is gonna make smoke become the biggest thing to happen in crypto or cannabis.

We also will be the testers for the front end parts of smoke like making sure everything is running good on the website. We get to help the team find all the small shit they have missed or that will be caused by more users going on the platform.

So remember our work as the end user to find bugs and see the problems that come up for the smoke team this is NOT your main account this will NOT have any value outside the test net. You will have 0 smoke from the testnet.

So of your down why not come help the smoke team test and stress and find some bugs on the testnet.
Here is a guide on how to join the testnet.

Also why not come join the airdrop and earn come free smoke.

Smoke airdrop
Smoke ico page
Smoke test net
Smoke whitepaper

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