Grow Update Week 13

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Hello smokers, hope you've had a great week!!

With the 13th week remaining two plants entered their very final stage. Trichomes are so milky white, visible with naked eye. For me, this is the right time to harvest your plants; just before trichomes start turning amber. And due to prolonged heat wave, a few fox tails started to form which means plants can't handle the heat anymore.
Aside from that, no major problems occurred. Regular maintenance still consists of removing leaves, watering and observing general behavior.



Irrigation And Nutrients:
#Irrigated twice. Total water consumption: 17 l with ~10% runoff.
pH: 6.4 - 6.6

#Nutrients used:


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looking awesome, i love the links below to past weeks posts 🤙

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Those buds are massive!


@jonyoudyer Yeah, some branches are bending under the weight.


Thats a sign of doing things right!!


True, but there's always some room for improvement.

The same here. I cut the as soon as I see 95% cloudy trichs. Some amber ones are fine, but I don't wait until they become 20% amber or more.


Exactly.. when they are just at the beginning of turning to amber.