Grow Update Week 8

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Hello smokers, hope you've had a great week!!

After eight weeks we're entering boring period again. Nothing much, but regular watering and removing old, yellow leaves has to be done. And watching how buds are getting fat of course. At this point I can say, it's going to be succcessful batch.


#SuperSkunk Catching up nicely after being stressed for almost a week.

#WhiteWidow Still best looking plant in a box.

Irrigation And Nutrients:
#Irrigated twice. Total water consumption: 22.5 l with ~10% runoff.
pH: 6.4 - 6.6

#Nutrients used:

  • Plagron Terra bloom - basic flowering nutrient
  • Plagron Green Sensation - additive, booster

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I smoked shitloads of Super Skunk in the 90s when it was everywhere... I probably smoked every new Skunk cross that came from Holland at this time. I don't miss it much though.


Haven't had it in ages.. And what I used to smoke before was called simply "skunk" so, who knows was that really skunk or something...

Sri. Very beautiful post Thanks for the first time in the blog specific sections of the most@ smokenetwork💻📺📷📀
Thank you sir.

You got a 29.41% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @realkiki85!

Awesome grow! And remember always show your grower love for the flowers they grow!

That's nice