25/06 - Updates for Smartsteem.com (ROI at 25% & STEEM-Payment enabled for @smartmarket)

in smartsteem •  10 months ago

Hello everyone,

we have 2 quick updates:

1.) ROI has been increased to 25% (from 15%) for both @smartmarket (https://smartsteem.com/buy) and @smartsteem (https://smartsteem.com/bid) to match the market-demand.
2.) STEEM payment has been enabled again for @smartmarket

The ROI percentages will be monitored and changed (increased/decreased) based on market-demand.

We want to thank all of our customers, sellers & delegators for the continuous support!

Team Smartsteem

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Hey @smartsteem , how come I haven't been receiving my daily ROIs for staking?

I feel there are less payout instances since Steem's price has been losing value. Has the service slowed down as well?


Due to the price-fall of STEEM, votes are worth less which in return reduced the revenue.

Thank you to ok wao information

Thank you to your great information😁👍

@smartsteem how to use ur service?

Thank you. Been using your platform and it's good. Going to keep it up :)

Good news.

Thanks friend for keeping us informed this information is of importance

hi @smatsteem,
Please i need a reply cause i feel reallly bad
I used your service to promote my post https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@nicholasilechie/the-future-of-crypto-blockchain-and-why-komodo-is-a-good-project-to-invest-in

however i got no upvote in respect to the post i sent.
Please did you forgot to promote this ???

Have the daily delegation payouts been glitchy? I got a payout a few minutes ago but it had been 3 days since the last one.

smartsteem (65) Awesome news increase in ROI from 15% to 25% is motivating to everyone. hopefully in future Steem announcing such great news.

Good information

That's really a good news....Yeah :)

I wanna buy some upvotes.. Anyone ple guide me..

Good work

Thanks @smartsteem for such important information

upvote and resteemit Sri..