Smartphoto Contest: Week 2 – Dance & Photography

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#smartphotocontest is a contest created to improve and promote photography in Steemit.

With this idea in mind we are promoting not only high quality photography but also several topics of general interest like the one of this week...

I hope that this new tag #smartphotocontest will become a reference of high quality photography...

The idea is that you post any photograph you think is allegorical to the topic, photographs edited using a software such as photoshop are allowed.

This Week Contest: Dance & Photography



• Upvote this post.
• All entries must include the #smartphotocontest tag.
• The posts must be about the subject of the week (Dance&Photography).
• The Title of your post must include the contests name of the week.
• Each participant can have only one entrance and with only one photograph in your post .
• The picture must be your own. Anyone using non original photos will be reported to steemcleaners.
• Paste the link of your post in the comments section of this post.
• Although it is a photography contest not only the quality of the photo is judged, so you should give a name to your photo or a short explanation and this will be considered too.
• The deadline for posting is Sunday 06th May 23:59 GMT


• I will pick one winner, plus one second and one third place
• The first place will receive the 40% of the SBD collected in this post
• The second place will receive 20% of the SBD collected in this post and
• The third place will receive the 10% of the SBD collected in this post


• Resteem is not a must but it will be appreciated to promote the contest.
• Any photograph related to dance is valid, typical dance of your country, accessories used in dancing, places and theaters associated to dance, and of course just gotta explain very shortly....
Dance, dance, dance

Post to participate, win SBDs and the most important ..
have fun!
Don’t be shy give it a try!


Happy and blessed day for all, this is my participation for this contest, thank you for encouraging this.

How interesting, we are going to participate, we love dancing. regards

thank you for your participation... remember the entrance is only with one photograph

You got a 23.57% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!

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Not sure I can participate in this one lol all my pics are nature. But I have resteemed and upvoted to show support! Good luck everyone! :)

Genial la propuesta y muy oportuna por el pasado Dia Internacional de la Danza!

This is our participation, thanks, and good luck to everybody.

Congratulation! you won the second place in this Contest ... Your reward is already in your wallet

Thanks very much @smartphoto, I will continue participating in yours contests. Regards

Here is my entrance for this week, hope you like it! Good luck to all!

Congratulation! you won the third place in this Contest ... Your reward is already in your wallet

Here is my entry for this week's contest, thanks for.this great initiative smartphoto! All the best to all the participants! 😊

Congratulation! you won the first place in this Contest ... Your reward is already in your wallet

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