Smartphoto contest: Week 2 - Dance & Photography-THE DANCE OF THE EIGHTIES

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Greetings dear friends from Steemit, for this Week @smartphoto Contest: Dance & Photography-We are bringing THE DANCE OF THE EIGHTIES.

This is our contribution to #smartphotocontest by @smartphoto, hope you guys like it,
we wish good luck to all the participants. This is an excellent initiative by @smartphoto.

We took this photo a year ago at a friend's party, it was her birthday and the theme was about the 80s, in fact we had to go dressed like those times, cowboy shirts, long sleeve dresses, untidy hair, headbands and so.

Music and decoration was from those years, and we really had a great time sharing and remembering those old times.

Dancing in any of its forms is a way to manifest our emotions, besides it is very good for our health because it allows us to release the stress, this fills us with joy, together with friends, family, and why not? even dancing on our own it´s wonderfull., is art.

For this reason everybody must dance, let's support the dance !

baile 4.jpg

Photo taken from my phone Samsung Galaxy S3


Que buen bonche. Hay que divertirse. Saludos amigas bellas.

demasiado bueno amiga, para el proximo te invitamos jejeje..saludos