My Favorite TinyCat

in smartphonephotography •  11 months ago

TinyCat visited my house on a regular basis for more than 10 Years.

Oh - how I loved that TinyCat!

She originally belonged to a neighbor, but most of her life she stayed with me and my family.
Cats are clever!
I believe she found our house a calm place to rest from her owner's children.
Food and drink always available.
I believe Tiny Cat had a good life.

One day in the summer 2014 she was not looking well and I decided to bring her to the vet.
Kidney failure.
Nothing to do.
It was a tough decision.

I hope you enjoy the happy hunting grounds, TinyCat, catching mice.
[110 words].

TinyCat also entered the photocontest - in colors.

Thank you for watching!

Img.source all: @kristihh

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What a pretty cat. First picture is definitely my favorite. I also liked reading about your reflections.


Thank you. Yes, my favorite to :) @mightpossibly

Nice cat photography.

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