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RE: Picture Stories #163 - Colorful Plants ☘️🍁🌿🍂

These are quite amazing plants, I believe they are from the Succulent genus that is they have a thick and fleshy leaves and stems that can store a large amount of water that allows them to survive in very arid conditions - they absorb the moisture they need when it rains and retain it using little by little in the extended dry periods.

They make for a wonderful display, so many varied colours. Mother Nature always holds so many treats for us if we care to look.

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Yep, a nice collection of succulents. Most would be sedums, but there are also some sempervivums, couple types of aloe and possibly euphorbia (these can look like any of the above so it's hard to say from the picture alone). Crassulaceae are apparently missing from the set.

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