Picture Stories #163 - Colorful Plants ☘️🍁🌿🍂

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We come across interesting plants in the magnificent realm of mother nature and sometimes it so happens that we don't know their names, like in the case of the plants shown in the below pictures of which I'm not really aware of the exact name - yet they tend to be attractive and vivid and draw our undivided attention. I believe these plants belong to the cacti family, or I maybe wrong. And there are so many different colors in this one scene that it looks like a exquisite amalgamation of all things beautiful, with some lovely ferns and bushes also thrown into the mix. Doesn't this scene light up your eyes!




There are so many various kinds of flora and fauna out there, that it is hardly possible for a human being to be able to see and witness each one of them in one's lifetime, yet I always find it fun to photograph as many as I can when I encounter them.

Do you like plant and animal photography?

Thank you for reading!


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These flowers reminds me of the iced cakes that have flowers on them

Yes, These plants are really much colorful and can draw any body's attention. Where you got this pic? There are lots of varieties I could see!! ... From any flowers and plants Nursery?

these were in the flower dome in Singapore ma'am :) it's a world full of awesome, beautiful plants...

very beautiful composition :) I admire the talents of people :) wonderful succulents, I also like compositions in florariums - a small world in a glass house :)

They are easy to care plants and really growing easily on rocks and sometimes when people have small stone garden they it is one of the favourite art of plant. We call them Stone plants but the correct name is Sempervivum. Our neighbours have them in front garden. Once my mother-in-law picked up a small part of the broken plant and planted in pot just to see what happens and was really surprise when saw that plant started to grow.

Gorgeous flowers. They are somewhat like corals in the land.

They look that plants you would find in a desert

It is a beautiful pot pourri of plants. Quite catchy!

These are quite amazing plants, I believe they are from the Succulent genus that is they have a thick and fleshy leaves and stems that can store a large amount of water that allows them to survive in very arid conditions - they absorb the moisture they need when it rains and retain it using little by little in the extended dry periods.

They make for a wonderful display, so many varied colours. Mother Nature always holds so many treats for us if we care to look.

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Yep, a nice collection of succulents. Most would be sedums, but there are also some sempervivums, couple types of aloe and possibly euphorbia (these can look like any of the above so it's hard to say from the picture alone). Crassulaceae are apparently missing from the set.

a very unique arrangement, I really like to see it
full of color

this is a very amazing photography, I love the results of your picture is very cool, hopefully your day is fun and always successful.
I will upvote and restem

OMG So beautiful plants are theae, I saw first time.

Amazing plants with nature. I like your photography.

Nice plants...is it yours?

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It is a beautiful combination of shapes and colors of these miniature plants

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