Smart Media Tokens - A Revolution based on Steem

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What are Smart Media Tokens?

Smart Media Tokens (SMT) are digital assets, based on the Steem Blockchain, that can be launched by everyone within a few minutes. Their Purpose might be either to help monetize online content or within a community to encourage User interaction etc.

SMT´s can more or less be seen as Sub-Steem Tokens as they work in the exact same way including the “Proof-of-Brain” algorithm, which enables Users to receive both, Posting and Curation rewards.

Smart Media Tokens & Steem

As Smart Media Tokens are based on the Steem Blockchain you´ll always have to exchange SMT Tokens for Steem respectively. That being said SMT´s might be a huge game changer due to an increased demand on Steem and therefore most probably soaring prices from the beginning of next year.

Actually we could already see the huge price increase of more than 20% just due to the recent announcement of Smart Media Tokens. I guess you can imagine how the price will soar whenever they are going live in 2018.

You want to know more about SMT´s?

In case you want to get to know some more Details about Smart Media Tokens, then I can recommend you to take a look on the official website or the Whitepaper in case you want to have an insight an simply everything.

On Top of that you might as well like to sign up for the e-mail newsletter in order to stay up to date on all new announcements on Smart Media Tokens. You may do so as well via the official website of the Smart Media Tokens

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thanks for the wonderful update on SMT which is wonderful... so it means... when it goes life one can buy SMT and use to get his blog posts more publicity... what of posts that are already old...
for bellyrub, whats the maximum one can go and why the delay... I used bellyrub on my latest blog and the upvote came after 2 hrs... i wonder why the delay and am not sure for the 1$ i placed that I got a similar value ... need more clarifications

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nice post, when a race is held by steemit for gif or other making, please info.

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thanks for explaining it

Great post mate !
I made one to regarding this new protocol

The best


I'm ready to do all but I'm in the ignored list. What should I do now?

nice post @zeartul. I am excited to see applications based on SMT

Really interesting feature I think especially in a community.
And a new great way to spread awareness of Steem.

this will be a game changer!

Thanks for the simplified version of Smart media tokens it was very helpful in understanding thanks again !!

is this steems competitor?