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Do You Have a Love For Making Memes?

We are presenting the Official SmartCash Meme Challenge on Steemit!

The competition will be running for 4 weeks and we will choose 3 winners at the end of those 4 weeks!

First Prize: 3000 SMART

Second Prize: 2000 SMART

Third Prize: 1000 SMART

We have already seen some great SmartCash memes floating around here on Steemit thanks to @qurka for creating a competition with you guys, so we wanted to turn this into an official competition with some big prizes!!

How To Enter:

1. Create your own SmartCash meme and post it to Steemit

2. Use the tag 'smartcashmeme'

3. Include a clickable link on your Steemit post to

Not a Meme-Maker but still want a chance to win some SMART?

Check out this SmartCash writing competition that is running this month:

Join us on Discord as well, you can find us in the Team-SmartCash-Steemit channel where we share posts and chat with each other!

To learn more go to and follow us on Twitter at

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Here's my entry

Also followed you guys on twitter, was already following you here.


Damn, I just wanted to use that kid, with similar point

Now you have given me challenge

Hi - just entering my meme here in case it needed to also be submitted as a comment to this post.

Nice contest! as always you guys thinking in the community.

Looking forward to see the funny and interesting memes :D

You choose the winner or...?

I'm so excited to see all the entries!!!


Great initiative!

YAY!!! More SmartCash!!!

wooow that's a really nice contest!! can't wait to see the entries!!

Hahaha.... this is really fun... meme makes fun. But if SMART people make meme, surely it makes my day.


Hi, here's my entry and a link to my post: ) I think I did everything right lol

one entry per person allowed?

T H I S I S D O P E ! ! :D

Dropping this before the countdown runs out.
Hope you guys would love it

Be smart,...HODL smartcash

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