Great news! NEW SmartCash web-wallet soon!

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A new SmartCash web wallet release is coming as early as next week. Expect an attractive brand new user interface, extra security features and an improved voting system.

Great news! I'm very happy with the success of SmarCash. Awesome progress. And it's amazing to watch it with your own eyes.


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Helpful information

Join the community at Discord

Official website


✨Thanks for reading!✨


w00t! It looks so awesome, our web wallet guys are the best hands down!


what is good,can be better it seems! :)

Very informative

Thank you ^^

The existing one is awesome already, but this layout looks dynamite!!

Excellent information published on your post, and more interesting being about cryptocurrencies issues. I have never heared about smartcash, neither about a smartcash wallet, I guess this innovate wallet brings crypto transactions more comfortable and faster. What kind of things will users do if they connect to the discord community @semptly? Best regards from @presentnworldsc

If you have any questions, in the discord you can get 24-hour support from our team.
On discord has special channels #media and #team-smartcash-steemit, where you can publish your articles about SmartCash. You will receive community support which will upvote your post or tell you what information you can add.
If you are an active member of the community at a discord and help other users solve their problems, you can become a member of the SmartSquad. Be active, show your skills and you will be added to the team. For your work, you will receive rewards - SMART.
Also in the discord there are special language channels for speakers of different languages. #french, #russian, #vietnamese, #thai and many other.
Also, you can discuss your ideas for improving SmartCash in a special channel #correction-suggest, #ideabox.
And of course you can use a specially bot - tipbot for send smart to other users.

The SmartSquad and SqaudRewards feature is now installed on the tipbot. SmartSquad coordinators will pick up the active members of the community and give them the SmartSqaud tag/role here on discord. The donation pool will be @squadrewards so if you feel generous consider tipping @squadrewards. Once the threshold which is currently set at 5000 is reached, the tipbot will reward the members with the blue tag/role called SmartSquad and will make an announcement about it in #main_tipping.

I will be glad to answer any of your questions :)

Thanks a lot for the information provided @semptly I'm going to join the discord community and to participate on it. I'm very interested to get to know more about smartcash and maybe someday I could be part of the support team. Huggies :)

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Wow, really great news

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thank you for the information.

Please what is smartcash??

One of the interesting coins on the market cryptocurrency. You can find out more on the official website and in one of my posts.

That is one pretty wallet.

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