The Drive To Consume

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Black Friday points a magnifying glass to our society’s need to consume in unhealthy proportions. Black Friday showcases our addiction to consumption and magnifies it for the entire world to watch.

The spectacle in full effect.

Massive discounts on consumables that we really don’t need. The dopamine addiction to getting a flat screen TV for $150 or the latest toy obsession for next to nothing.

Black Friday reminds me of just how far we have to go as a society. I’m blessed in that most of my friends and family don’t participate in such spectacles. And that, at least, gives me some hope.

But seeing the masses consume in mad amounts makes me profoundly sad. None of this shit is necessary. This entire activity of consuming in large quantities is completley not necessary. If we all stepped back, took a breath, and looked around....we might find that we have all that we need.

We have the necessities and there’s nothing that a Best Buy or a Walmart can offer us at 60% off that would make our lives better. Such activities just keep society as a whole entrenched in the snares of a broken economy.

We can do better. I know we can.

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