Slothicorn Crypto Chart Art Contest: First Place is Rewarded 50 SBD + 5 EOS

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Slothicorn is running another contest! This time, we are looking for interesting and fanciful interpretations of cryptocurrency price charts.

Contest deadline: Friday, June 15th, 2018
Submissions can be posted on June 15th, and winning entries will be announced on the following days.

Please use the tag: slothicorn-contest for all entries so we can find your submission.


Base Jump Formation by shello

My EOS Chart Prediction by stellabelle

These two images are great examples of artists taking the price charts of their chosen cryptocurrency and interpreting them for artistic purposes.

How do I participate?
Pick your favourite cryptocurrency like bitcoin, steem, or eos and look at their price chart available from websites like From there, let your imagination run wild! Once your piece is finished, post it up on Steemit using the tag “slothicorn-contest”. In your submission, you should include pictures of your work and some information about your process.

In celebration of the launch of EOS, we are including EOS tokens as part of our prizes for this contest! Here are the SBD and EOS rewards for the top 3 designs:
1st Place: 50 SBD + 5 EOS
2nd Place: 30 SBD + 3 EOS
3rd Place: 20 SBD + 2 EOS

Please feel free to get creative and play with this theme. It’s pretty abstract so enjoy yourself and have fun. Please share this contest around so that we can run more in the future!

What is Slothicorn?
Slothicorn is an artist collective on the Steem blockchain whose mission is two-fold:

  • To help artists become educated in the new crypto economy.
  • To help cryptocurrency go mainstream through art.

We encourage and promote the creation of cryptocurrency-themed, and Creative Commons art, however Slothicorn is not exclusive to those categories. We are artist-centered which means we let artists decide which license fits them, either All Rights Reserved or Creative Commons. We are an open-source project and have our code on Github. We believe the world can be a better place if talented artists are not starving, but are instead freely able to share their gifts with humanity while being rewarded crypto for doing so.

Please use the tag: slothicorn-contest for all entries so we can find your submission.

Official Slothicorn Links:



I can't wait to see the entries on this one it should be fun!

The contest's concept is purely amazing, you had a cool idea, @inquiringtimes! I'm so eager to see the entries, almost tempted to do one myself! :)

Heh, I think you should. We're cultivating your artistic side ;D

excellent theme @slothicorn, I will be creative to participate in the contest, it will not be easy hahahaha.

Do your best! We're excited to see what you come up with!

lets go

I'm excited to see what you come up with! I really enjoy your work.

Ok, I'll come out of for this.

It will be nice to create something for the Slothicorn contest.

Wow. Watch me coming

Road to the World Cup Russia 2018

My entry for Slothicorn Crypto Chart Art Contest.

grafica rusia 2018 bitcoin.gif

hahahaha, I didn't find your full post, do you have the link?

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