Shello's Gallery Tour! A Slothicorn Exhibit For Cryptocurrency Art (3 Works)

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Good day, and welcome to my first Slothicorn Art Exhibit on Steemit! I enjoy creativity, and the freedom presented by the application of digital, and decentralized assets. You may be saying to yourself right now;

"But Shello! Where are our lovely and fuzzy woodland creature mascots—the Slothicorns?"

Shellos Gallery Shello Steemit.png

Shello's Gallery Tour

According to the launch statement for the Slothicorn Mission that released a couple of months ago; Slothicorn aims to use art and creativity to bring cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience. In any medium an artist chooses, we thereby create works that express our passions towards cryptocurrencies, the creative commons movement, and to pursue our crafts—with the new financial freedoms /free-markets that we observe in Blockchain Technology today!

I have the speed of a sloth and mischevity of a unicorn at heart, and although we love our fabled mascot—much adored, it is not intended as a limitation by any means of what cryptoart can and cannot consist of!

"Please watch your step while heading up the stairs into our first room. As this is a guided showcase, please reserve all questions and comments you may have until the end of the tour.

Thank you for your patience!"

Basejump Formation Shello Steemit.png

Base Jump Formation (2018)

Our first piece this evening titled; Base Jump Formation, pays homage to Technical Analysis, or better known on image boards as... Magic Meme Lines. As we can see in the chart above, not every move in the Cryptosphere makes sense—that is until we connect the lines themselves, adjusting in retrospect!

We can see a few intense buys, followed by some swift trades... then a sell-off back to where it began. Repeat. This is a phenomenon recently observed in BTC/USD market, and the spiky sideways-action has been dubbed to some as getting Bart Simpson'd.

When in doubt, zoom it out? Blasphemy, everyone knows that the best way to predict the future is to measure the market by 1-minute candles only! A final detail to note is the Easter Egg of my QR code set to an opacity of 51%. Opacity is defined as;

"the condition of lacking transparency or translucence; opaqueness." —Google Search

Along with a nod to an interesting theory of Bitcoin market manipulation, known as the 51% attack

Spiral Doji Shello Steemit.png

Spiral Doji (2017)

As we turn the corner—passing through a doorway divider made of dangling silver tinsel, we come to the second room. Our next work in this exhibit is an un-edited photograph (albeit the QR) snapped during the December 2017 Cryptocurrency bull run. This photo was taken on December 15th, 2017 at the new International Marketplace in Waikiki, Hawaii.

A note should be made, that the colors red and green are abundant during what no-coiners refer to as "the Christmas Season".

"As I was heading up the escalator to my (then new) day job, I froze at the landing in delight. Mesmerized by the floating candles, that no matter how far from my screen I wandered—they had followed me. A "No fucking way" under my breath, and a single shot."

Hope you brought a jacket! After we exit the elevator... Our final room is located on the opposite side of this seemingly narrow sky bridge. Be warned, these are not screens playing an image. This bridge is completely made from glass. Please hodl onto the guardrails if that makes you feel safer. Lord knows, that if everything comes crashing down—there will be far more than "blood in the streets". Try your best not to be shaken by these winds.

Dynamic Transaction Shello Steemit.gif

Dynamic Transaction (2018)

"You get a fee, you get a fee! Look under your chair... We're all getting fees!"

We come across a small room made of concrete, at the end of the sky bridge. With no support beams visible from the outside, a person can wonder what holds up this floating room. Our final exhibit for today is called; Dynamic Transaction. A small collage made from the transactions between my mobile wallet, and Bitcoin ATMS.

This is the only piece that will not open by trying to scan my QR code—but, the many ways that transactions can be made are ever-growing and changing. Bitcoin, crypto, payments, and society... We are all expanding and adapting on a rollercoaster of uncharted territory, and new experiences.

End of the Line

This gallery was made possible by @slothicorn. If you enjoyed today's tour be sure to leave a like and share to your heart's content. For my more generous clients, my Bitcoin address is posted down below and I'm accepting donations! ❤ Be sure to grab a parachute to exit safely from the gallery, and have a great week!

All of the art in today's gallery is made under the
Creative Commons (cc by 4.0) International License.


Bitcoin: 18NeAYSAcfDADNJwEAWqYwkaut7p5gVu8F

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