Anime Illustration ( The Contemplative Boy Thinking for his Queen)

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Hello Dear Slothicornians,

Write that today I gave my 1st Art in this post for impressing you. In this drawing, I painted a boy who is thinking for her queen. As a result he was so much contemplative.

I brought out an interesting character's mindset through my drawing. Drawing is the best way to tell about your Attitude without any movement.

Here's the Anime Character


Here's I put my selfie with my drawing for prove that the art was drawn by me


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Hope you enjoy all my drawings. Your Advice, Suggestions and Response in the comments Be with me Encourage me to get more good art.

Specially thanks to Slothicorn Community to give us the greatest opportunity. Stay Happy with us..


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great illustration dear. Keep it up :)

I have Invested for you to Inspire you. Keep it up. Stay happy with us ☺


oh that's really great! Thank you

just awesome. You are a great artist.. Thanks for giving the art proof.. Hope @slothicorn will be given you the best response.. Keep it up dear <3

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