3rd Entry for Slothicorn (The Mythical Crypto Princess!)

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Hello Dear Slothicornians,

Today I have introduced about my 2nd Entry to Slothicorn. In this drawing I draw a Mythical Anime Character. She is So much Courteous about her Behavior. She is so much Pretty and her Attitude is great also.

I made this art on my art paper. In this art I couldn't add any CryptoCurrency's Logo. This is unique and cute I think so!

Here's the Mythical Anime Character :-


Here's I shared my Selfie with my Drawing :-


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Thanks to Slothicorn for give me the greatest opportunity. Especially Thanks to @stellabelle ma'am to create the best Community for the Creative/Artists and Developer! Stay blessed ma'am. Be happy with us.

Thanks to Everyone for Being with me. Stay for more Arts!

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Hello dear @slothicorn, I'm waiting for your response dear. think so you'll check my post as soon as possible. Thanks to @ghulammujtaba sir and @stellabelle ma'am.

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