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RE: Dancing Slothicorn -Thriller Version

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That really made my day :D I checked out magicavoxel that you mentioned in your previous post and I am keen to give it a go soon. You have a lot of talent and should definitely have a look at @apolymask's Information Finding Championships because we are looking for talented people to collaborate on different ideas and projects all the time (sorry if I mentioned this already)!


Haha thank you , glad you enjoy it. Yeah, give magicavoxel a shot. It really is like playing with lego in the computer. All you need is imagination to create whatever you like. Will take a look at that Finding Championships that you mentioned. I will probably be slowing down on posting tho since I will be outstation for a month.

Here's the link for the latest on the Information Finding Championship:

@charisma777 writes posts to keep everyone updated on what's happening with the competition as well :)