More than a fairy tale - Drawing

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"More than a fairy tale"

Every action creates a reaction, but that action doesn't define you as a person, this character teaches us that it is never too late to repent, we all deserve a second chance to be better, we shouldn't judge others for certain actions, Instead of that because we better not think... what made that person act that way? or... are we guilty of it in any way?

2018-06-13 19-12-06.942.jpg


Materials used in this drawing

  • Drawing pencil 2H
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • HB2 matt paper pencil


I started by the edges of the faces and her neck, followed by the eye, the nose, details of the depth of the face, the lips, the details of the dress and finally the horns.

It should be noted that it is the first time that I draw a picture of a face, I hope you like it.


Step by step

Step 1

2018-06-12 21-59-44.808.jpg

Step 2

2018-06-12 22-15-12.737.jpg

Step 3

2018-06-12 22-25-07.222.jpg

Step 4

2018-06-12 22-55-09.663.jpg

Step 5

2018-06-12 23-08-48.057.jpg

Step 6

2018-06-12 23-22-24.577.jpg

Step 7

2018-06-13 18-52-35.823.jpg

Step 8

2018-06-13 19-11-42.190.jpg


Image source

2018-06-13 18-41-40.925.jpg


Final Result



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