Drawing in 2 hours .. Portrait of the artist Laura Pausini

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Hello friend of Steemit and artist friends.

Hello friends, I was bored in my work and I came up with the brilliant idea of drawing a portrait of an artist. I went online and the first image advertisement that I saw was of this beautiful artist and I came up with the idea of illustrating it. Below I will show you the illustration process of the artist Laura Pausini.

- I have not had at hand, semiprofessional pencils or some good material ... and I came across a pencil 2b and the rest was history.

It should be noted that I have illustrated this famous in about 2 hours.

Next I will show you the illustration process that I followed through a Gif

Image reference used


Do you want to see more painting done step by step by me? Visit my blog @ArgenisBoom.

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Do you want me to paint a portrait of your face? Contact me to my discord. User: Argenisboom

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Is fantastic. <3

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