me @stellabelle & Picasso

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Me, Stella & Picasso (in no particular order)

last night's artwork that I did featuring my emotional response to @Stellabelle <3

stella me and picasso.jpg

Ok, changed my mind, about the title…
The order has to be particular!
Because, more important than each individual subject, is the relationship and connections in between, and those connections give a certain order and direction :P

Aldough Stella is more influential in my life at this point, I will start with Picasso because, she has compared me to him, after that, other steemians have used that association that makes me feel so proud and even if it is just a way of making a compliment I try to convince myself is true fiction :D
Also last summer I visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, where I had the chance to see up close his work for 5 hours, even with my boyfriend’s desperate attempts, to take me out of there :))


So, I will start like this:

ME & Picasso

I already expressed that I prefer traditional painting mediums over digital mediums,due to experience mostly but also my tendency to have control, and my love for detail. Now you digital masters could say, “But No!!! You can have more control and get deeper in detail in digital mediums” Well, not me, I am intuitive and responsive to physical and emotional stimulus, so I have to feel the weight of my brush, know how much medium and how much pigment is loaded on it for a specific type of brush mark, I have to feel the pressure I am putting on the brush and when to gently lift it to achieve the desired effect. Now you may think I am taking myself too seriously :)) and in my mind I always do, I don’t admit to this often because I have a big fear of ridicule. Why are you missing my traditional paintings, lately on steemit and you see me post only old work ? I stopped renting my studio for a while because I want to move in a bigger house that has space for my studio and yard for my dogs. At this point my easel is in my kitchen in 1.5 m square (that is all my studio) and my office is in my living room shared with my dogs- me 10% of the room; Leia & Orca 90% :)) - so digital painting it is, for now :)))
Picasso :) what do I have in common with is style of expression? Picasso was not painting how he visually perceived his subjects, he was painting how he emotionally responded to the subject,from various rational points of view, he translated this in an obvious way, using different perspective angles in the same composition. He was inspired in this esthetic choice by Egyptian art, where the most common silhouette has the torso seen from front view and the legs from a side view. The same happens in Picasso’s compositions, you see the subject fragmented in different perspective angles. I like a lot this esthetic choice and I also express in a similar way, focusing on my emotional response rather than in visual realism. What else could I learn from picasso, but not necessarily want to :P Lack of detail and control makes a composition appear dynamic, loud and deliberate, in a powerful manly way, but I am a girl, I have many details to express and I like to articulate my every estetic decisions with different symbols for different meanings. Have to admit that in digital painting, where I cannot feel the software’s tools, I loose some of the control,but not detail , so I just get a bit closer to Picasso’s style :P


Now the more important part :)


One of the first reasons that pushed me to make this artwork, is linked to one of the reasons that made me dislike doing digital art.
Before this artwork I’ve never done a digital artwork that was completely my vision and my prefered style, I had freelancing jobs, with specific descriptions that I had to follow, and for that I did not enjoy the work as much and it always took me longer.
What does this have to do with the painting about Stella ?
It has, because last night, I was so tired and normally I wouldn’t have continued working, but couldn't sleep either.
So I said I would listen to some music, for some reason, covering the music were my thoughts about Stella’s last postand about my discussions with her during the previous day.
This happens to me sometimes, I have to work for something, and I end up doing something else.
Few days ago I was painting the shop&drop RPG cover and I found myself making the picasso unicorn :P, or if I listen to an audiobook while trying to paint a certain subject, I find myself painting something inspired by the book, or other current events in my life.
So whatever makes a big impression on me, I have to digest through art.
This is also my main learning and understanding mechanism.

I won’t get in to deep about my learning abilities and disabilities, but the thing is that when I want to learn something from someone or about someone, I have to establish a connection with that person.
And is not a secret, that I admire Stella a lot, I see her as a raw model and also wanna learn from her about crypto and how to be a “not starving” independent artist within the crypto space.
And she has tried to teach me as much as all the other slothicorn artists (or more) telling us all about blockchain apps and tools to help our art careers, but I don’t learn this way :)
If someone gives me specific info: go there, make that wallet, sign in there etc I won’t get much and end up feeling overwhelmed by the info, but if someone tells me the philosophy behind something or a deep personal story, I can recited back to her/him, even more if it touches me emotionally :)
I find it amusing that, because I am trying to understand and get to know her, she thinks we have a lot in common, and some of it is true, we both have struggled in the past (in different ways), those struggles and pains are still affecting us today(but also provides inspiration), and our artists needs are very similar too.
But there are so many things in which we differ, and for that I have to make art about her, to get to understand and learn from her foreign (to me ) experiences.
So in my art, like I always do, I have to invent abstract theories and assumptions, about the things in which I don’t find that common ground, about the things I cannot learn from her through empathy.


@StellaBelle my visual assumptions explained


invented symbols for my color choice:

bright yellow - describes her feminine emotional intelligence and intuition

ocre , burned reds and dark earth tones- describe her weariness around her heart, and the need to protect herself after so many experiences

light blue and turquoise - describes her rational intelligence, and her power to use her knowledge in order to help herself and others

dark blues and purples - describe paranoia and distrust towards people ( this one amazes me, because with all that conscious fear of being deceived or disappointed, her first instinct is always to open up and help people)

light green - describes the way she allows herself to be childlike, and innocent in her creativity

Black - describes her very articulated nature, even when she laughs loud, or makes crazy jokes, she is very articulate about the message she wants to share, the way every piece of advice or information she gives is so deeply resourced and analyzed from many different angles.

White is white , white is light ...


invented shape symbols

The glasses frames she wears in her videos appear twice in the composition, once they describe her whimsical creativity and need of expression (left), second (in the right) refer to her shyness and introverted nature.

Next to her right mouth is a teal hart with a tiny red human silhouette, with a white dot where the heart is - that represents Stella's daughter that lift's the corner of her mouth into a smile :)

Triangle in a circle, next to the unicorn horn, her being trapped in a corporate job

The unicorn horn represents her courage to quit her job the moment she fount the crypto world -"life tunnel"

Bitcoin and steem signs- represents the knowledge and experience I wanna learn from her

Colorful people silhouettes are the artists that she wants to help

Gray people silhouettes, boring people that don't have much to offer or say - are beneath her in the bottom of the composition

Black people silhouettes, bad people

black human silhouette in a traffic stop sign, the worst person that most hurt her

Pink tears represent her lost ability to love again ( hope this one is not true)

Clocks on her forehead , years that made her stronger and smarter

Brain exposed and some neurons and synapses, represent her open mind


This is not necessarily how @Stellabelle is, this are just my visual theories about her and only her can tell me if some of them I guessed wright, and I really hope she does.

Stella & Picasso :))

I think she is the next Picasso



I have this kind of color and shapes symbols that I invent to create theories in all my artworks but I don't wanna bore you with all the derails of my craziness in all my posts, and maybe I shouldn't have in this one either but hope this time you enjoy it.

If you do enjoy it, let me know, and I will do it more :P
to be honest I think that, my visual language is the true value I offer in my artworks and the physical object is just a material residue of my curiosity, but in general people are bored by my explanations and just want the artworks, so I don't want to give you something you don't want- let me know what you think


in my edit preview the artworks look very nice aligned to each other, but when I post they are one under another , and I don't like how it looks
If you have some tips ad tics of how could I make them sit nicely in my post, let me know
maybe at @globalschool knows, I learned the columns trick there :P

Ok could not wait for the advice,and live my post ugly like that :P so I eddied them in the same photo ,but still I wanna know :)


you nailed her, exactly. It's so weird how you have this deep understanding and knowledge about her. wow.

not only her, but people that I admire, you , slothicorn, seem to know and love her as well, that's why I like you :P

She surely is the next Picasso and you are one already. I saw her drawings from the story she shared about her long lost friend. She is such a talent too...with her under your wings when it comes to drawing, she would turn out great.
Good job as always @alexandravart. Sometimes i run out of words to describe your talents. Words fail me sometimes.

I don't think she needs me at all , just like picasso her style is soo strong visually, so expressive, but if you compare something that I work for days on and a sketch she has done in 5 minutes...well you cannot compare like that :)))
and even if I posted artworks next to each other, it's hard to compare artists, different styles and attitudes and mediums etc :)

Hahahahaha you totally won me over with those words. Yes, artists have different styles and the message they intent to write, just like writing too. I have my style when i write which is peculiar to me. Nice perspective @alexandravart.

What I think is that, thought both of you may have similar styles, skills and attitude of artwork but she knows the reason you are needed and I think with time you will get to understand better. Thanks @alexandravart

I hope that too :) with time I will understand better , Stella's essence , my essence, and all the universe :P that's my mission

Very cool breakdown of your artistic choices and expressions. As someone who doesn't know much about art, it's refreshing to get a major breakdown behind the mentality and intent of the artist, as well as a background on the inspiration for the piece(s).

You've been resteemed as part of the #LadiesofSteemit initiative! Keep up the great work. 💓

really glad to know that, as I said people not always show an interest in this part of my expression, and I have so much to share this way, it's hard to keep articles short and entertaining, because that what most people want but I am not like that :)
so thank you for appreciating ME and not my shortened and edited version :)

I don't know much about art, but I know enough to truly appreciate your use of color theory to fully flesh out the personality and feeling of your characters; they practically jump out of the page and live a life of their own!

The admiration you have for the subjects and the dedication to learning and experiencing your subject before committing them to paint, to color, to texture, it's so refreshing. All your work in every step really shows, @alexandravart.

Thank you so much for sharing.

most of my work consists in decorative elements that are similar and repetitive , it's a type of meditation and full focus, it's absolute delight for me, I feel almost egocentric when I am painting, forgetting the world around me, is just me and my subject that I have to deconstruct (analyze) and reconstruct in these repetitive elements that I invent meanings for.
I could care only about aesthetic when choosing the color and shapes proportions and relations, but that would be so boring and I would stand alone in front of myself and my painting , so I invite my subject to join me :)

Wow! An amazing work. Thanks for allowing us to see.

thank you for appreciating it :)

That painting mega cool

hi hi thanks :)

nice post thanks for shearing.amazing post steem frined.

I have to run to meet the students, but I'll be happy to take the time to reply as soon as I am back. =)

ha ha , this is so funny , I have an open window to your post were I started my reply but , left it like that because I have to run too :)))) no worries talk soon

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