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Very good second part bro. Nice turn of events. I hope that he can find his real daughter, but it seems this young woman has found a strong liking to her new father figure, and she is even willing to help find his real daughter, probably because she wants to have a bigger family and call this person they find her new Sister as well lol It's a bit comical but emotionally driven as well. Great storyline. Keep them flowing! Upvoted

Thanks for your feedback!
Yes it's really quite a strange situation for them, but she just wants to have a Dad and a real family, no matter what the circumstances are

You're welcome, looking forward to part 3

I read, and then.. fiction haha! Is it? I'm lost
Welcome back :p

You gotta read the first part, it's another one of his story series. It's pretty interesting.

Thank you! :D And yes, it's fiction!

Thank for good posting... voted and followed....^^

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it - appreciate it!

That situation in the Restaurant must have been sooo awkward.. hahaha. "This is not my real Dad, I thought he was, but now we just hang out." ??? LOL

It's really quite weird, like she said, such a relationship doesn't even exist "normally"... But what is "normal" anyway? that's what makes it comedy!

Imagine if they find his real daughter and they all just hang out together.. that would be even more awkward hahaha!!

You're right - That's a father and a daughter having lunch. And next to them - a girl that once thought it was the daughter, but actually it isn't!

Auf jeden Fall eine sehr einzigartige Familienkonstellation - bin gespannt in welche Richtung das noch weitergeht!

es bleibt auf jeden Fall weiter spannend!

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Love the storyline, how did you come up with this?! such a unique family situation

thank you, glad to hear that you enjoyed the plot :) Part 3 coming soon!

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