Singing a cappella week 18 - Please support this lovely project!

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Dear music lover

Are you passionate about singing a cappella?
I'm not a professional singer but I love singing. Please share your a cappella video if you love singing.

This is not a contest.

There is a participation prize of 0.5 SBD. 1 entry per person only. Participation prizes will go to the earliest 15 entries including my top picks. I'm sorry that I cannot give better prizes. I wish there were some sponsors for this project.

Week 18 will run from 10/07/18 to 16/07/2018

How to participate in this project:

Write a post along with your singing a cappella video and remember to share your post link along with your video here as a comment.

One tag must be #Donatelloclubdigitalcard.

Your post along with your video will appear in next week's post.

A big thank you to all participants.

These are my top five picks:



"Thank you for sharing your singing a cappella video on but you can share it on your Steemit account next time. There are some music and dance projects running on and for those ones you need to share your videos on".

If you like to listen to my original music, please visit:

My page on Musicoin

All the Best!

P.s. If you share your a cappella video, you can claim 10 Donatello Club digital cards. You need to join and mention this post in order to validate your digital cards unless you already have an account. If you already have an account, please add "10 Donatello Club digital cards"

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Hola feliz noche, aquí dejo mi participación para esta semana, saluditos a todos

Thank you for this opportunity! and thanks for being in the top 5 this week ... success to all!

@donatello thank you friend for this opportunity to allow us to sing and at the same time for your great support that you always give us @congratulations to all the participants for their interpreted songs and for their great talent @donatello a big hug for everyone and I wish them a beautiful day, they are loved a lot.

My friend @donatello! Here is my entry for week 18 of this beautiful initiative. Sorry I was late but I had some problems with my internet! Greetings.