Thank you for mentioning me for dinner!!
I would love to enjoy this amazing dinner group you picked.
Much love my dear friend!! 😍

Hello Nina,
It's very touching really. I remember those funny, happy days here.
Ahh and the Zumba, wushu challenge and more. I missed the old times.
Thank you for your friendship! Really do miss you guys!

Thanks for this. You are an amazing lady! Stay beautiful.

lots of love xoxo

Those were the good times!! :D With everybody active every day, we had so much fun, haha! Will always remember those times! :)

Hugs & much love to you as well!

Yes, it was! I'm so happy for you Nina.
You stayed and still blogging.

Thanks for the friendship.

lots of love

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Egypt sounds goos and Arabic was so unexpected 😊

You are right... these kind of questions are fun and it has been awhile

Nice ti get to know you better Nina 😊

Thank you!

A lot of people find Arabic unexpected, haha. :)

. If you could choose any place for your next vacation, where would you go?

Egyptian you see today, you shall see them ......

I'm not sure I understand what you mean..

I really miss those challenges. Even though currently I don't have a lot of time to write posts I will most definitely try to write the answers to these 10 questions.

I am so glad to hear that!

I tried to come up with questions that don't require a lot of time to answer and answers could be quite short.

Have an amazing day and I'm looking forward to your post! :)

My new name would be Chocolate.

I like that!

I'm trying to picture all the different situations where Chocolate could be used as a name and how it would confuse people. :D

Haha delicious.

Oww I'd love to have that coffee with you and sunny and pappa bear any time <3
And if you're serious about learning Arabic, I don't know if I can help much but I must try to help you ;)

(let's see how long I can hold myself from participating in this challenge :D)

You can help by letting me know where to start, haha. Duolingo put me straight to the letters and pronunciation of the letters/sounds. :D

(let's see how long I can hold myself from participating in this challenge :D)

Well, that didn't last long :p :D

lasted for some good 15 minutes ;p

I absolutly LOOVE this sweety 😊👍🥰 and I DO remember the many challanges that People use to do like... Behind the curtain, 5 facts about us, where we got our steemit name from etc.
I loved it as it really makes you get to know People... So I Will jump on this 😉👍
Amazing questions my friend and I love your name and Nina is beautiful to...
Thank you for bringing back the fun.. Love this!
Upvoted and resteemed in hope more People jump in 😁 Lol
Stay Awsome 🤗🥰❤️🤗 much love

Thank you so much dear!

I was literally sitting and trying to find as many challenges as I could. Reading those posts really brought back many great memories! :D

I can't wait to read your answers! It's all for a good fun, haha! :)

I appreciate your support so, so much! <3 Hugs!

Random questions is one thing I like and I also run a series similar to this one. So am going to join in the fun too. 😃 Thanks for bringing lovely memories. Hope a video would be okay though, practicing vlogging these days lol.

Oh, that is so cool! I followed you so I can keep up with your series. :)

Of course, it would be even more fun to see a vlog version of these silly questions, can't wait to see it!

That's great...thank you! Would get it up as soon as i can..😃😃

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