How to be a part of Steem Social Media( How to sign up) 如何申请成为Steem 会员

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As a Chinese newbie of Steeem social media, I hope more people could have a chance to join in and have more knowledge of blockchain. Here i would like to share how to sign up and to be a part of steem social media in Chinese.
作为一个Steem 的新手, 我希望更多的朋友能够有机会加入我们成为Steemers.在这里我来分享一下如何成为会员的方法!

这里是Steem的网址 this is the websit of Steem
进入此网址后你会看到页面如下go to there you can see the page like this

在这个页面上你会发现我用红色圈画的'Sign up ' 的字样,请点击它并会出现页面如下 In this page, as you can see Sign Up ,clink it and then you will see the page as below.

请点击链接脸书(FB)。在这里我要说面一下,Steem会给每一个新注册的会员$10美金。为了防止乱注册以及确认真实身份,所以Steem 会要求新会员在这里链接脸书(FB)。sign up with facebook, page as below.

链接脸书后的画面如下 please sign up with your Facebook ID,after sign up, you can see a page as below.

请按照如下指示填写 昵称,密码(密码是steem 做好的,请千万不要弄丢你的密码 一旦忘记,密码是不可以找回的 所以再一次强调一下 “千万不要忘记或弄丢密码”。) 最后重新填写你得到的密码。所有的都做好后 ,请点击Sign up。 新会员就是你的了! please follow the introduction of the page below to put on your username , password and re-password. After all, A new steemer will be you.


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thank you! good post for beginners of steamit!

great for bringing more chinese steemers! please keep up the good work
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Incredible.. love the post. Please do write more.

thank you ~ will do~






thank you


对于未来谁也难以预料,但是Steem每天有1500~2000名新会员,这样蹭涨率是对未来的最好说明,不是吗?我个人对steem非常有信心! steem 加油!