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If I recall correctly, it was @crazybgadventure (thank you - you get first shout!) that started a tag called #shoutoutsaturdays about a year ago as a way to honor some Steempeeps you associated with throughout the week. I did a few and several people were on this tag and it was fairly hot for a minute but, I haven't seen a post for this in a awhile. I think it needs reviving. So here are my shouts for the week:

  • @jackmiller, @grow-pro & @thehive - we got some Fantastic Four shit happening that will be unveiled soon!
  • @themarkymark - for setting up a new RPC node to keep the chain running!
  • @ned - For mingling with people (albeit strictly in the PAL server) and helping to communicate Steemit's plans with us.
  • @guiltyparties - He has been on this blockchain for 3 years now! Be sure to show him some extra love for his #dedication!
  • @zipporah and @katrina-ariel - They have reached their one year Steemiversaries and should be acknowledged as true Steempeeps!
  • @carrieallen - for her work with The Play House and helping to make things fun!
  • @shadowspub - for hosting some awesome shows throughout the week in #theramble and on @ramblingradio!
  • @saffisara - for being my playmate in all things that are things where #butthugs are freely given - I #love you!
  • @snook - For attempting and succeeding at making people smile on a daily basis!
  • @dreemsteem - For staying true to the #spunkeemonkee project and carrying a beautiful vision that is seeing follow-through!
  • @nathanmars - for coming up with the #dtubefamily777 concept and wanting to help so many people!
  • @robertandrew - For his consistency on the chain and being a supportive member of the fam!
  • @partiko - for being the coolest front end the chain has seen!
  • @steemflow - Just cuz you're awesome!
  • @latino.romano - For being dedicated to the #freewrite and helping the Latino community integrate!
  • @crisangel - For being supercool and keeping up with @youarehope happenings!
  • @thekittygirl - For being so helpful in all the servers she is in that I share with her!
  • @brisby - For being a super cool host and tour guide!
  • @c0ff33a - For being a badass co-host and supporting the fam on a massive whole!
  • @xcountytravelers - For helping us all to find new high-potential Steempeeps with the #curation of @heyhaveyamet!
  • @blind-spot and @priyanarc - You've been seen all over the place lately, and I appreciate supportive peeps!
  • @thistle-rock - I am seeing you all over the place lately too and I love it!
  • @inthenow - Just because.
  • @monchhichi23 - When you are around, your company is a treasure!
  • @thedamus - For pointing out lunacy and bullshit while making me laugh at the same time!
  • @eturnerx - For things unseen that don't get enough credit!
  • @janton - Because the Wild West is a hell of a place to dwell!
  • @iamjadeline - For sincerely working on adapting to the fam and being a great Steempeep!
  • @kaerpediem - For being a wonderfully vibrant Steempeep and bringing new faces to the chain for the future!
  • @redheadpei - Because you are one of the most consistent and engaging people I know!
  • @tattoodjay - For being a long time member of the fam and showing support for our loved ones out here - plus - Michael Jackson.
  • @bluefinstudios - For being one of the most patient people on the chain and helping people feel welcome!
  • @isaria - For almost always kicking my ass in #steemmonsters and putting out sweet ass jams!
  • @naturalmedicine & @homesteaderscoop - For giving me their vote of confidence as a #witness and helping all their collective peoples!
  • @ssg-community - All these badass stackers over here!
  • @mineopoly - For cracking up this week and having a light heart!
  • @prc & @dsound - Because I believe the musical community here on the #blockchain is vital to its future!
  • @novacadian - For including me as a witness choice and stopping by to check out my mind!
  • @pit-bullion & @raybrockman - Because they have honored my fam in an immeasurable way!
  • @ikarus56 - For trying to help increase the engagement here on the chain!
  • @crescendoofpeace - Because you're just a sweet person!
  • @richardcrill - For creating the @freedomtribe and continuing to #spreadthelove across the chain!
  • @adsactly - Because they are a great model of upstanding citizens on the chain!
  • @anyoneandeveryone - That has taken the time to vote my witness and support my family in #thealliance! Much love peoples.

Yipee Ky Yay!

I'm sure there were other people that didn't reach the top of my brain as I was posting this, but it doesn't mean I am not appreciative of your interactions. I hope people take a little time in helping me show #gratitude to others by starting to use this tag again. STeeM oN MY PeoPLeS and REMEMBER TO BE YOU! Even if you're simply just browsing the chain.

@enginewitty Goldie #steemmonsters.png

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courtesy of @jackmiller


SEXY Pirate Lord of Darkness

@snook made this badass gif


INdeed, my friend, its not the blockchain.... it's the people themselves.
These good ones and so many more are why I am here!!!

You heard me! Lotta love floatin round here, figure I'd help it along. Thanks for coming by amigo😎

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Thank you Witty
You're wonderful❤️

Anytime sweets, hope you doin ok🤗🤗

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Thanks for the shout out Batman. Keep on Steemin on!

What we do!

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Thanks for the shoutout Captain. So many great people mentioned!
Let’s all steem. 💕 😊 🙃 ❤️

Hecks ya sweets! Most welcome🤗

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I looove this 😃 I remember this shoutout and I did a few myself before... Thank you for the reminder and it's definitely a good thing to start doing again 😊
Give shoutout to amazing people is a great way to show appreciation..
So many amazing people and love how we all play a part just by being US selves 🤗❤️🤗

Thank you for the shout out playmate... Ya love playing you 😜 lol love you bunch 😘🤗 Butthugs

Yes love, I remember you used to do these like all the times of Saturdays! Hope to see a bunch more next weekend from peoples.😘🤗😘

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Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @grow-pro
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

Thanks my brotha. Appreciate your kindness there.

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Ditto what I said on the clone 😂
It all applies.. love you guys n gals

Ahah a bunch of great people here! 😃🍸

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They really are too!

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Yes! You forgot me! ;'-( ahahaah LOL XD

You're here now! And will be in next week's for sure, put you right on top😋

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Aaaahhh!!!😀😀😀😀🎉 that's great!😚 thank you ahah

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Yeahhhhh babyyyyyyy hehehehehee

This is an awesome post!!! I was smiling all the way through looking at the lovely peeps in our family!!!

@guiltyparties THREE YEARS!?!?! WHOOOAAA!!!
That's insane!!!

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Thanks love, glad you happy go grinnin!

Ya three years! Took me aback too!😘🤗😘

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Oh I love all this gratitude and love! Thanks so much for the shout out. Thanks for putting more love onto the blockchain :)

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Most welcome and thanks for the comment! Gotta spread that love around😎

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Yay for a stellar shoutout! Lots of people here are stars in my proverbial sky. Love this sharing of the love. :)

Stars indeed, yourself included Princess! Much love and fuzzles!😍🤗

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Awww. Thank you @enginewitty. This was awesome!! So many wonderful people here. And I promise you will see more of me as soon as I get these freaking coconuts out of my house! Lol
Thank you Engine... I think you are a treasure too and I appreciate you always being there and always spreading the love.
Love ya babe 🖤

Love ya back Chi Chi Doll! Glad your biz is popping, know that!😎🤗😘🤗

😎You da man Cris!

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Thanks for the shout, Sexy Pirate Lord of Darkness! Lovely to be amid such great company. I'll definitely start using this tag. ;-)

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Sweet, I missed seeing the interactions🤗

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And Thank Youuuuu for always being You!!

I'm the best at being me!😋🤣

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and you make Steemit a special place. #thealliance is truly a brilliant project.

Aww, thank you hun!

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what a lineup ... you forgot @enginewitty for being... well Witty and everything he does.

Aww, thanks hun, most appreciated 😊😎

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What a great thought !!! Thank you so much for always being so supportive... You are truly a great personality... Thanks for the shout-out.

Most def my dear, thanks for stopping in and visiting!

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Thanks for bringing this forward again, @enginewitty. Outstanding project.

Ya we had a lot of fun with it, hope to see more next Saturday!

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Honored to be on the list with so many great steemians ;)

You rock my man!

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Cheers mate
Have a great day

Shout-outs make people feel so warm and huggy! There's so many amazing Steemians on this list and I feel all sorts of the happy fuzzies to be included. Thank you!!!🤗🤗

Happy fuzzles! Ha! Totally swiping that one hun, thanks for stopping in!

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Ah this is a GREAT idea.. I'm going to do it too!!! And on behalf of @naturalmedicine, you are welcome x

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Thanks be to you, hope to see yours!

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