Short Street Art #34 Kalif (?), Porto (Portugal)

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Great work, little information or smaller piece, its #shortstreetart...

During my walks in the streets of Porto, I often saw these flowers style old Mario Bross. I'm not sure about the artist, Kalif... So if you have more info, leave a comment.


On the Antigo Asilo de Mendicidade


Who :Kalif (?)
How :Graffiti
Where :Antigo Asilo de Mendicidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal
When :seen in June 2019


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Another flower lost in the city

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Very nice the way to take the last photo from above. Otherwise it wouldn't have been so easy! You have to look very well if you walk the streets. In Copenhagen I found there lots of paintings an slogans high up on walls, but I sometimes didn't see because they were placed like those on your last photo.

Thanks... sometimes you have just a glimpse of a mural and no access to see it all. In Porto with its hills and bridges, you can see everywhere...


I see what you mean :)

nice find. it looks like the sur l´eau crew. they painted also in frankfurt am main their flowers.
here you can find some pictures. (unfortunately the text is only in german.)

Ah cool... I was almost sure that it was not Kalif. Big thanks for name behind these graffiti, Sur l'eau crew.