Splishing - 50 word challenge

in #shortstory3 years ago


Soft! So splishy and movey and won't stay still. Tastes like puddles but more dirt. And like the bouncy things can't catch.

Is fun and cold and can dig endlessly. Changes color when digging but not for long. Gurgles and tickles and laughs.

Why only just finding out about water?


This week's #fiftywords was water, and it made me think of our dog Ben and how much fun he had the first time he actually got into a stream and played. This is not a photo from that time, but just this past hike.


Love it! Especially dog dialect. It's wonderful to watch a dog discover water. They are hilarious! Thanks for sharing your entry. I'm glad you've circled back, @ravencorinn!

Hahaha. Great story. That's exactly how my dogs speak, only in spanish. You have to see them trying to get food that has accidentally fallen in their water container.

I love the doggie perspective... Thanks!



I like in particular that it "laughs". Wonderfully caught the "thinking" of a dog. :)

Great perspective!! Loved this... can just picture the dog lunging about...