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@pixietrix really hates spiders. Even microscopic ones. "Why do they have to move?" XD

The spider in question in this case was a tiny little thing just visible to the naked eye that was crawling along the esky lid as we were getting ready to go to a barbeque.

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As you can see I'm an incredible parent >_>

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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Hahaha! This was funny! Did you make her look like a spider ( on purpose ), when she runs away or is that just my vivid imagination?

Must be tough to live in Australia being afraid of spiders, I guess.


It was pretty hilarious XD

It wasn't intentional, it did occur to me that she looked kind of spidery while running away but both my older kids inherited their father's height and my slightly long limbs and being twiggy beanpole teenagers the combination makes them look super gangly XD

A part of me was expecting spidey to show up instead of an actual spider for some reason

Spidey as in Spiderman or spodey as in @veryspider? :D

spodey would have been much moar cooler than an actual spider XD

My eldest freaks at spiders too, even microscopic ones. In fact all my family are kind of cowards around them.

This reminded me of the time there was a huge huntsman near the door outside, biggest I've ever seen. The girls wouldn't go in until I moved it, so got a dustpan and did what I usually do. Usually I touch a leg on the opposite side to make it move where I want it and it moves away from the touch. I had rubber coated gardening gloves on, so I gently touched the spider's leg and the damn thing grabbed my finger with all eight legs and bit down! I jumped and Angel shot across the garden, kind of like your daughter in that picture, a scream trailing behind her. 🤣

I felt the pressure of the jaws through the glove, but it didn't penetrate, thankfully. I think I swept it into the pan after that.

YOU TOUCHED A HUNTSMAN?! D: Damn that was brave of you, if that happened to me I would have thrown it into lower orbit XD

The only one I've ever dealt with was on the end of a long roll of butcher paper and I carted it very carefully out the front door XD Otherwise all spiders get trapped in a container with the lid slid underneath and they are then carted outside. Normally I take them out the front away from the house but sometimes (like if they're redbacks) they go in the chicken coop >_>

Usually I'm just like "J there's a spider" and he has to go deal with it XD At least I'm somewhat more accurate at describing them to him ("just a tiny one, you might have trouble finding it", "decent sized house spider thing", "kind of a big redback :S", "huntsman DX")

I really think it's just the way they look and/or walk, I know my brain hates the way their eight legs coordinate to get them around. I don't even know why I grew up with an annual crab migration and crabs don't creep me out nearly as much as spiders do (and there are some decent size orb weavers in the rainforests on Christmas Island). I think because I know why I'm bothered by them I'm not as bothered by them these days, but if you get overwhelmed by that creepy feeling well you end up with reactions like our girls XD

More of this please.

By the way, grumpy was not to be found...His cousin Grouchy will be making an appearance later today though. Lol.

More of what, spiders? Shenanigans? :D I'll do one of those willingly XD

Maybe Grumpy isn't back from his own vacation yet (he could have told you he was going), nice of Grouchy to volunteer as tribute to tag along in his place :)

Those comics silly! They are cool. More comics.

I have a post coming up in about an hour introducing Grouchy. Alas, I think Grumpy maybe have carked it!

Haha yep I call them shenanigans comics as they show shenanigans that we get up to in daily life (with some embellishments for comedic effect). I'm trying to do more of them as people seem to like them (and it still amuses/surprises me that people actually like my deliberately ridiculously bad drawings XD).

I'm also definitely glad you said comics/shenanigans and not spiders, I generally don't like dealing with them either xD

ps oh no poor Grumpy D:

ridiculously bad...Better than I could ever do. It's all subjective. 🙈

Yeah, they're good and a nice way to present mundane life things. I think you should expand upon them. Have you considered doing a steem related series? Could be good.

Well they're "bad" compared to my normal work quality-wise but they're nice and quick and a lot of fun to do because they're already "bad" and very quick so I can just whatever with them :D

Steem-related series was how I started the shenanigans, first with one shot panels for steemwars and then summarising most of the steemlords shenanigans in comic form (just the ones that inspired something after I'd read them as some of them were really hard to work with). Those ones didn't have dialogue though (partly because it was more fun that way and partly because at the time I wanted people to go read the original posts if they wanted the "full" story).

Well, I'm hoping you do something with it, rekindle the shit-drawing-shennanigans because it's cool!

Haha, so funny! This curation even has a story:

I wanted to show a friend how curation works. I usually look for the first best post I can find every now and then for not loosing the ability to curate with tipu. Comics is one thing I'm looking for at those occassions.

We found yours, looked into it together and liked it very much! I did the curation comment and showed the consequences for your posting. Great thing to show what STEEM and blogging is all about in a live situation. (btw: Have you heard of the https://steemwhale.io a.k.a. https://steemit.com/@whalefountain in The Netherlands?)

Anyway, I just noticed that we already know each other from the @HomeEdders community. So sweet! Steem on!

LoL hi! XD Yay I'm a good example! Glad to be useful for something ;D

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