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RE: Last 'Share Your World' Contest (#4)

Here is my entry for the #sharemyworld competition -
Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.


Hello @reonlouw,

Use #shareyourworld as your first tag.

He did not use #shareyourworld as first tag. Is he eligible for this contest.

Hi @mmunited. @socialmediaseo mentioned in the first contest of the #shareyourworld series that he is unable to use the tag as a result of the app that he is using. I gave him leeway then and since. It is not essential as it merely makes it easier to find all the posts.

Thank you for being so accurate. You are appreciated.

It will be solely on your decision. I am also using the same wordpress plugin(It is not app) he using.

Hi, @mmunited you are probably a bit cleverer than me ;) Mine was set up by my web dev for me :)

It is really good you have someone to help you.

I work hard to build my business and look after those who I employ ;)