Share2Steem V1 Release Announcement

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What is Share2Steem ?

Share2Steem is an application that allows users to post on the Steem blockchain using their favourite social media apps. For the time being, you can cross-post to Steemit from Instagram, Youtube and Twitter with no hassle.

All you have to do is register on the app's website (login secured with Steemconnect), link your social network accounts and then post using the hashtag #share2steem within your social posts. The app will take care of the rest.

This is a great entry point to the Steem blockchain for new users, as they won't have to manage an additional platform : everything is automated. You post on Instagram, and your photo lands on the Steem blockchain without any extra efforts. The same for Twitter, Youtube, and, soon, many more !

You can try Share2Steem right now at !

Register, link your social media accounts and start earning STEEM with your social media posts right now ! It's easy !

What are the benefits of S2S ?

This program's purpose is clear : to attract lots of people to the Steem blockchain on the promise to monetize easily their social media activities, without changing their habits at first.

They can continue to use their favourite apps, and come on Steem only to withdraw their earnings. But the trap is here : many of them will show interest into how the blockchain works. They will then begin to post some content exclusively on Steem and little by little change their social networks habits, leading us on the path to democratization.

Share2Steem V1 Release

We are pleased to announce Share2Steem v1 has been successfully deployed last friday. Some bugs were encountered but were quickly fixed. Today Share2Steem V1 is fully functional.

New features

1) Multiple accounts management : Compared to beta version, it is now possible to link multiple accounts of the same type. You can now redirect many Instagram accounts to a single Steemit account for example. Also, the account pairing method was simplified thanks to a wizard which shows you all the steps from A to Z.

2) Post customization : You can now customize the way your post will show on Steemit. You will be able to place your avatar where you want (or even not display it at all), use a custom footer, add links, etc...

3) Leaderboard and scoring : We set up a S2S score and leaderboard for the rewards dispatch. The leaderboard will take many criterias into account, such as consistency in posting using S2S, participation in the curation trail, delegation, etc.

4) Curation trails : A double curation trail is also put in place.

  • The first one works in a classic way : users vote posts as they arrive if their voting power is higher than the limit they set up.
  • The second one uses the principle of the pool : the users defines the number of votes he wants to offer to the pool per day, and the votes are casted independently of the voting power value once a day.

5) Referral program : In order to spread the word, we also offer a referral program. If a user refers someone, he will get 4% of his earnings (we will lower our commission from 10% to 6%). We hope with this program to be able to spread the word outside Steemit more easily, and hit a whole new population.

What's next ?

1) Spread the word

Before we have enough Steem Power to claim new accounts and delegate Steem Power to these newly created accounts, our growth will have to come from Steemians. So we need to reach out to all people currently posting duplicates (one post on network X and one post on Steem) to use our application. More users should attract more delegators, that's the first step.

When we have the opportunity to create accounts and delegate to them, our growth strategy will mutate to become focused on external growth : attracting users from the platforms we propose in our reposting service, with the promise of monetizing their social media activities.

2) Events

We are planning in a near future some events and contests. This will certainly bring new users to the platform and make some of them win cool prizes !
What kind of events and contests would you like to see ?

3) New social medias

As we said before, we won't limit S2S to Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. We plan to add many other social media, to bring more and more users to the blockchain !
Twitch will be added soon, what social media do you want next ?

Call to delegation

A certain amount of Steem Power is the key to success for this project. We hope and plan to bring masses of new users to the Steem blockchain in the near future, and this SP will be useful for us in two ways :

  • Respect our promise of monetizing social media activity. Indeed, if we have lots of members, a high Steem Power is necessary to upvote all of them with more than dust.
  • Offer account creation - as stated before -, so users will be able to create and manage their accounts from one place. A lot of SP is necessary for account claiming, and with rewards gained by @share2steem in SP (from the fee on posts), we will be able to make a small delegation to newcomers, so they can interact with the blockchain.

We decided to treat delegators as investors and offer them a ROI. Indeed, 25% of our liquid revenue will be dispatched between delegators, in other words 1,25% of the total posts earnings, based upon the delegation's amount and age.

But delegations will also be taken into account in the S2S score calculations. If a delegator uses the app, he will get bonus points which will lead to higher votes on his posts.

Want to delegate ?

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !


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Congratulation, Amazing work.

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Thanks a lot for your support ! It means a lot to us !
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Payout has arrived but I need to make sure everything's fine before sending the funds (as it seems Steemium was the one sponsoring the upvotes).

great idea :)

Sounds very good. But I have a question: how does cheetah behave? cheetah is a service that searches the Internet, whether the content already exists?
Interesting is also the passive income with share2steem, greetings
Ps.: Hope you are on Steemfest³

Hi @reiseamateur,

Cheetah did not make any problem yet (the concept has been running for 1 month now) as the post is made on Steem only few seconds after the original post. Also I don't think Instagram posts or tweets are crawled by Google.

Unfortunately no, we won't be on Steemfest³. Not that we wouldn't like to go but...

Wow this is exactly what I've been looking for, if we could do the reverse that would be great too! I'd prefer to post to steemit and it populate all my other social media's so I don't have to hit the share button on the posts for each post/medium. Thanks for building this!

Hi @vandigital, glad you like it.

I don't think we will do the opposite way, but I think @algo.coder, the developer, would tell you more about that than I can...

Hi, thanks your your kind words.
Unfortunately, the other way around is much more complicated as we would need to ask you for your social media accounts credentials or for the ones that have an API, you would have to create an API token on their site and then give it to us.
It would mean a lot of potential problems in terms of security and I'm not sure a lot of people would entrust a third-party with all thei social media passwords.

I'm eager to start posting more on Instagram finally!

Would you consider making a widget for Twitch integration at some point?

Hi @protegeaa

Good news for you, Twitch is the next on the list !

Hi ! Thanks for showing interest in our app !

We are gonna add Twitch soon, but it won't be with a widget, it will be the same principle as the other social medias we propose now : You link your account, and then your Lives or Videos are reposted on Steem.

I haven't looked yet into how Twitch works to add it to our app, so that might be subject to some minor modifications, but it should be almost identical to what we are doing for other apps.

Great news! Super excited to use it and will get the word out when I do!

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Oh that's a great idea keep it up!!!!

Thanks for your support !

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Excellent concept. Just tried it out with Twitter and it worked perfectly. Any plans to add Facebook?

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It's on the roadmap, but we cannot say when. Next one will be Twitch.

Nice, that's the one I'm looking forward to, most others I don't use at all, but If I can post on FB and share to steem, that would be awesome.

Looking forward to it, thanks for the response.

In youtube verification, it says, I can place the code anywhere on my youtube channel description. After doing so, it does it seems to verify.

Did you manage to get your account verified ? If not feel free to let us another message on Discord.

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nice post

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Wow, a great deal!

Thanks ! Hope to see you use Share2Steem !

Hi @share2steem,

I have a few suggestions:

  1. Instead of using our profile pic in the footer of each post, allow us to upload a chosen photo. The profile picture is too small and turns out blurry when you enlarge it.

  2. As I mentioned in a reply to @kenmelendez, it is possible that using Instagram filters makes the shared picture a little bit less clear. You might want to see if that's true and use a disclaimer if it is. People can use Adobe Photoshop on their mobile phones for free if they login with Facebook.

  3. It's important that you find a way for users to choose custom titles since it doesn't look that good on Steemit and elsewhere on the Steem blockchain when it is a cookie cut title and date. Something along the lines of your verification technique would suffice.

Example: #This_Is_My_Title

P.S. Thank you for upvoting @emaferice's post!

Hi @chrisrice !
Thanks a lot for your input ! Let me answer to your questions :

  1. You have the possibility to not put the avatar into the post on Steemit. On the website, in the Medias section, go to your Instagram / Twitter account and you'll see an option to edit the body of your posts (the content that will be posted on Steem). You can, at this place, put something else than your avatar (that we get from the social media you're posting from). In fact you can put anything you want if it's in Markdown or HTML. As the system can be complex, don't hesitate to come on Discord if you encounter any difficulty doing so.
  2. I haven't tested every possible filter on Instagram, but we're taking the best resolution at our disposal. If you have any example of a photo that looks less clear on Steem than it is on Instagram, please point me to a Share2Steem post and I will check it out and see if there is a way to remedy to the problem.
  3. We already had that request on Discord and I'm working on putting a system in place to allow unique titles for each Steemit post. Know that in the same way that you can customize the content of your posts made via Share2Steem, you can also edit the title that is displayed on Steemit (but anyway it will stay the same on each post). We're thinking on allowing multiple options for users :
  • Choose as a title the 10 first words of the post (hashtags excepted)
  • Put a [my title] or {my title} somewhere in the post that will be used as the title on Steemit (# won't be ideal as it will be hard to distinguish hashtags - that we transform into Steemit tags - and the title)

FYI, the title customization will be available soon (next week tops).

Thanks again for your suggestions, and I hope I could answer some of your questions.

Thanks @algo.coder the custom titles will help a lot!

I will do some testing on Instagram and @steem2share and I'll let you know if I still notice any differences.

, in other words 1,25% of the total posts earnings,

What is this number? 0.0125 , 1.25 or 0.25?

Sorry, in France, we use comma for decimals. Read 1.25%, so for 100$ earned by posts made thanks to S2S, 1.25$ will be for delegators.

Sounds like a great concept that you got working. This is the sort of thing to help people do a crossover, or worst case, just generate more content on steemit, regardless. Even if the stuff doesn't get a lot of attention or upvoting, someone could grown their steem account without even realizing it just by spreading their post load around by replication. You get an upvote and resteem for this. I would love to see people doing this.

Hi, thanks a lot for your support.

We also think that it could be a great transition tool to bring people smoothly to the Steem blockchain. As it is complex and not especially attractive at first (or at least the potential is not necessaily immediately perceived by people), being able to benefit from it while staying on their traditionnal social media applications could help a lot of people make that transition.

We will continue to add new social medias for our service, and once we are able to create accounts (we still need a lot of SP as the RC cost of such an account is really high) we will try to bring as mush people on the Steem blockchain as we can.

Again, thanks for your encouragements !

Hi @inspire1, and many thanks for your support. Indeed this is our goal. First they will only come for monetizing their content, and many of them will show a real interest into the blockchain....
Thanks for showing interest into our project !

That's nice feature! :)

Thank you ! Glad you like it.

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This sound like the perfect backwards compatibility app to draw attention to steemit. I will follow you to learn more about your app.

Thanks. There will be more to come soon.

Hello @share2steem ! This is an excellent initiative and a job well done to bridge the gap from mainstream to the steem blockchain.

However I have a pressing question:

You do know that @steemcleaners are very particular with original content to make sure no one gets sued out of no apparent reason; because this is a (cyrpto) paid site.

Is there any precautions when you are allowing posts to go through?

Because I can very much guarantee, because of main stream media sharing usually just take people's content and share it.

For the mainstream platforms there is no problem because it is not a paid site; so anything shared is not really bothered as long as the message is being post through; but once this is crossed over to this platform, it is a whole different ball game.

This is also to keep people on their toes to emphasise on their creative works instead of having the mindset of ripping off the reward pool.

Hi @littlenewthings,

You need to verify your account for us to resteem your posts from other social medias. The verification consists of putting a unique string in your Bio / description for us to make sure you're the owner of the account you want to see resteemed.

Once you have done the verification (putting the string in your bio), you can set your bio / description back to normal, but that easy and fast action of modifying it and putting a certain character string in it ensure us it is your account and you're not stealing content.

But that still doesn't really answer situations when people for instance:

Screen capture a nice quote of the day and then share it out as a new image but with the unique bio / description.

From your previous answer, you are mentioning that you are teaming up with cheetah to detect original contents? (especially imaged ones)

That's a problem we can not resolve on our end (or at least I don't know how, if you have any idea, I'm open to put something in place to try to prevent that).

Plagiarism is possible, but as with any other app (DTube I think you can post a downloaded video), SteemPress you can copy / paste any article on your WP blog, etc...
As our resteeming is almost instant, cheetah won't detect anything as it is not yet indexed by Google (or at least I think so). We could do a reverse image search on Google, but I don't know if you can automate that process. Maybe a possibility would be to put a blacklist in place and ban users that violate copyrights.

It's clearly a problem, and I must say I took no information on juridicial implications, but for me, I consider that if Youtube / Instagram allows someone to copy content and do copyright infringement, it's not really our problem, we're just then proposing a service to repost on Steem.

Actually, YouTube already started indicating this "copyright" thing. Especially when their instagram posts indicates copyright.

True it is not instant, but this is something perhaps you / your team can look into it for a more solid selling point. Because sooner or later when things go ugly and people start to really spam and rip off the reward pool and create inflation; then it is a huge loss as a whole.

I wish I am as better coder as you guys, but if I come across anything interesting I will definitely let you know ya.

We're gonna think about that and see how we can improve the system.

We could imagine a system of "moderation" where x posts are taken randomly each day for detailed verification and users that are violating copyright rules would be put on the blacklist (but that means manpower).
Or maybe an automated solution can at least exclude flagrant copyright violations.

It might take some time as it is a complex problem and I'm alone for the coding part.

Oh, I am just very curious... is there any way to detect the EXIF image properties? I think there is a way to find out whether it is original or not because of some signatures from phones, for example?

I wonder does the mainstream apps have these things?

(Since there is no privacy at all in their eyes lol)

That's a great idea for the automated solution, I will have to look into it. But Instagram I think (I'm no specialist) you can already post only from your phone, so if you wanted to copy content, it would also seem like a photo taken by a mobile phone.

And for the mainstream apps, I have no idea but I think they are confronted to the same problems, and have no way to resolve it, or we wouldn't be here trying to find a solution :D

I would add even Steemcleaners cannont prevent thi with images or video content. At this time, nothing prevents a user to make money with a Youtube video or a Photo he does not own. We had the problem recently on french community, someone attributed to himself some pics, and nobody noticed it for weeks. It was noticed few days ago by another user.

I totally agree we can't police everything @sebbbl . This is such an unfortunate fallen world we are living in.

Great idea!

Hi @igster
Thanks a lot for your support ! Really appreciated !

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By this way, steemit blog page will be flooded with bunch of images (from instagram) and videos. Fellow steemians won't like to visit my post!

Hi, it's just a question of what you're looking for.

Some people are here on Steem for long blog articles and won't be interested by this kind of content. Maybe a good idea would be to create a front-end that select that kind of posts.

But must Steem be reserved for "writers" ? I don't think so. Instagram has 1 billion active users and it's only photos with little texts. A lot of content on Steem is already "short" content (at least 90%), and going this way we only got 60k active users (most optimistic estimations). Maybe it's time to look at what works and do it.

Steemit is a social media, and social media is about sharing content with your followers, whatever this content is. We think democratizing "short" content on Steem is the best way to attract new users (as a large majority of the population isn't writers or researchers). But it's like any other social media, if you used your followers to long worked articles, the change might surprise them and provoke unfollows. But if your followers are here because you take nice photos, or publish impactful thoughts, or just share your everyday life, then you won't have any problem.

For videos, a lot of people are already on Steem and only posting from YouTube or DTube only. So it won't change anything, it's a just a question of what you used your followers to, as in any other social media.

You are right. But here like (upvote) and Instagram like are not same. I have few followers who are upvoting me automatically. If I post multiple times from various other social media into steem, what would happen to their voting power?

Making another account may be another solution

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Yes, it can be a problem for that kind of automatic votes. But generally, when programmed on SteemAuto, you put a limit to how low your Voting Power can go, and after that it stops voting until your Voting Power has recovered, so it shouldn't be a problem (except if they didn't put a limit).

It works great. Thanx!

Thanks for using the app ! Glad you like it !

Steemit dünyada tek giriş yeri olabilmesi için steem ve sbd fiyatı 50 dolar olmalı diye düşünüyorum

I have made the first video using #share2steem.
Let's see how it goes. I need to change some tags.
Thank you!

Hi, thanks for using our app !
For now, the tags that will be used on Steemit are the first five tags of your YouTube video (Tags section when you publish a video).

Thank you, next time I will change the tags just before publishing a video.

Your service seems quite interesting. I'll definitely check it out and see how it is. This is definitely needed! :)

Thanks, we are waiting for you ! Feel free to join on Discord (see link at the bottom of the post) and ask if you have any question.

Hi, it is a rocking concept to integrate steemians with the other platform. Its features are attractive and will be useful for beginners. Best of Luck.

That's exactly our point of view. Steem blockchain is not promoted enough outside and the mechanisms are quite complex for newcomers. Thanks for your encouragements !

I have made my first post on my social media account (twitter) and upvoted already! :) Thank you for this opportunity! :*


Thanks for using our app and upvoting our post !
If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to come see us on Discord

Will surely do! ❤️

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Best of luck.I thrust success.

Hey, @share2steeem.

Really like the idea and concept behind this. I think any of these ideas that brings STEEM to the masses is heading in the right direction, especially if it's simple to do. The simpler the process to get going, the better. Now we can only hope that the signup process for STEEM will not be so tedious or long.

Are you marketing this on these social sites somehow? There's been some banning of crypto related marketing lately and i don't know what all may have been lifted.

Also, I've noticed you haven't mentioned Facebook. Is that in the works, since they're probably the largest of the social sites.

Hi @glenalbrethsen,

Thanks, glad you like the idea.
We are just starting marketing on social networks, but we focus on making the app known by steemians first, as we need SP to be able to provide account creation, and then definitely make the whole process easy and be managed from a unique place.
Marketing on Instagram is easy I guess, as we need to grow our followers basis (sponsored posts will come later), and Instagram did not take position about crypto.
For Facebook it will be harder, as Facebook forbids crypto related ads, but also passive income related ads, we will have to be clever with our message !
But finally I think the thing will go viral by itself, and the snowball effect will take place soon...

To conclude, Facebook is planned (only for public posts of course), but I cannot give any delay for now.

Hey, @sebbbl:

Sounds like a good marketing strategy to me. Start with an active base that has a vested interest in how share2steem does, go from there. It's interesting that Instagram doesn't have a ban though Facebook does, since Instagram was bought out by Facebook. Apparently, they're allowing some level of independence for the time being. Something is up at Facebook, though. They're making all the wrong moves right now. Problem is, most folks on social media have a Facebook account.

Still, these other sites have the potential to bring in millions, too, so all good there. One step at a time.

This is an great time to post thru IG...

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wow thats crazy how so

Hi @share2steem, glad to hear about this initiative. One enquiry, does it mean your post on Instagram will not be reflected on Steemit as long as #share2steem is not used? This is because you might not want all photos on Instagram to be reflected on another social media platform.

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Hi @jacktan, that's it ! ;-)

Thanks for the valuable feedback, @sebbbl

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This is great. Just one example. I have an artistic daughter and son-in-law that I have tried to get onto Steemit, they have the excuse of “don’t want to spend more time replying and keeping up with another platform.” Well, if I can get them to S2S their instagram posts with just the #share2steemit tag then they will get more exposure on their instagram accounts and also Steemit. Granted at the early stage they probably won’t spend as much time developing their Steemit accounts, I believe in time they will see they value of Steemit. It’s a win/win!
I can’t see any negatives on S2S, has anyone complained about S2S destroying the Steemit universe?
Thanks developers of S2S!
Now, on to link twitter and YouTube.
PS I’ve delegated some of my meager Steem to S2S.


Hi @sighmanjestah !
First of all, thanks a lot for your delegation ! And there's no meager to us, only a great sign of support and the best acknowledgement of our work that there is !

For now, we had no complains on making Steemit bad... And if making it bad is making it succesfull as the other social medias we're allowing cross-posting from, we will take responsibility for it :D

And for your personal story, it's the perfect illustration of what we're trying to do here, just smooth transition between other social networks and Steem, with its great entry barriers that no one want to recognize but that exist nonetheless.
And of course, the next goal will be to create a community to support each other on Steemit but also on the social networks the posts are from to increase visibility everywhere (but one step at a time).

Thanks again !

Follow up on user experience with S2S. Your on boarding website was very helpful in getting my Instagram and Twitter feed linked. Not so well with the YouTube linking. This was probably my lack of knowledge of the YouTube interface. When I was on my YouTube channel I clicked on my profile icon and did not see any setting for “advanced”, in order to get my YouTube user-id. I had to search through YouTube help to finally get it. Then the next problem I had was entering my linking code temporarily in order to link with S2S. Hopefully you can give me more insight into how to do that.
Thanks S2S!

Thanks a lot for your return of experience.

A YouTube "linking" tutorial has been made and should be published soon (as it's more complicated than Instagram and Twitter). We hope it will be able to better guide users through the process.

Great Concept it will help a newbie like me thanks for sharing its a great idea.

Thanks for your kind words !
All my wishes for your journey here on Steemit and through our Share2Steem application.

Thanks a lot! This is great! So much easier for me to post from Instagram

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