Share Your Captures with @ayasha. [Theme: "Happy New Year 2019"]

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There are many old tones in nature and creative power of people. Nature's beauty has always been stretching its hand towards people. People just did not enjoy the light and air of nature, these elements of nature have also been used for creative purposes. History of human work on light is ancient. As far as photography is called Modern Art, the history of photography is quite ancient.

I love photography, it is a beautiful art form. We have many great Photographers spreads on Steemit. I have always wanted to hold a photography contest. I have been sharing my photography in the last few months. So I set out to think of a way to reward quality Photographers, who endowed with skills but no rewards attached.

Share Your Captures.jpg


"Happy New Year 2019"

(Capture whatever you like! I would like to see some great photos where your efforts appear. What you need to do is make a note "Happy New Year 2019" with the view you are going to click.) Example below:

new year.jpg

new year 01.jpg

Below find the conditions of the contest:

All entries must include the #share-capture tag otherwise, they will not be considered.
Post title must contain "Share Your Captures" along with the title of your work.
Every picture must be your own and that will be checked, so don't even bother posting Google images.
Provide the details of your camera and phone that you use.
Create a post with your entry and link it in the comments.
Resteem this post (Optional) to help spread the word.
You may use a watermark on the photos.
Multiple photos can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
Closing date of the contest is the pay-out day of this post. Winner announcement post will come on Next Day.

Whenever you learn something in life it takes time to grow, a lot of time and I want to reward that time spent. For this reason, I have decided every valid participant will get 100% upvote from @cryptobdschool and @ayasha with a reply.


During the week I'll select the 3 best entries.

1st Prize 3 SBI shares
2nd Prize 2 SBI shares
3rd Prize 1 SBI share


Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. I will investigate every entry, so if you are caught plagiarizing, you will be reported to @steemcleaners and @steemflagrewards as well.

How to support this amazing project:

For now, I have rented some Steem Power, also I delegate half of my own Steem Power to the helpful and supportive @bdcommunity. I would love for this project to grow from itself.
I started with my own monies.

If you are interested in contributing, just send Steem to @ayasha with the memo of Share your Captures and I will add it to a pool in my next reminder post. Your contribution will encourage me to run the contest in the future!

I hope you like this initiative from me and I will do my best to improve as I learn more. Feel free to contact me on Discord @ayasha#0253.

Have fun capturing and sharing your photography!


you can do it.gif


Thanks for sharing a great share-capture contest sis @ayasha. This time is more festival than any other monthes. Such as Happy New Year 2019, Merry Christmass, Winter etc.

Wishing you a Happy New Year too. Thanks for your support.

Seems cool 😎
All the best with your new project @ayasha

Thanks for your best wishes Dear! Hope you will get the time for participation, I know you pass a busy time with kids!

Absolutely it's great initiative. 👌

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Thanks Bro for inspiring me, I will try my best to successfully support everyone!

Ayasha apu thank you for sharing this content

I am waiting for your participation, so go and get ready with your post!

New year new contest! Nice to see new contest for new year celebration. I wish i will join these unique contest! Thank you @ayasha. Great job. Keep rocking.

Sure! I am waiting to see your entry!

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ok i also remove my post. thank you.

I saw your entry. it's really horrible. THE TOPIC FOR THIS WEEK IS:
"Happy New Year 2019" So why u submit this post? Thanks for participation but be wise to choose

I am sure he just read the title only, didn't go over the post!

I saw it last night, and I passed a sleepless night! You shouldn't post it without NSFW tag. and did you really read my full post? tell me what is the connection with it?

ok. i Remove this tag, actually this the time, this year should be close as soon as,but last night duty was very pathetic for me that's why i share this. i don't know what is waiting for me next year. i leave this contest. thanks you ❤

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Thank you sharing such type of helpful contest. I wish I could attend the party. But, Hope people will really enjoy their participation. Happy New Year-2019.

Hopefully next time! Thanks for your support. Happy New Year!

I'm glad to see you participated, please check out the Winners post. I'm sure you will not be dispointed!

It's really nice to see your support for me by participating. Please check out the Winners post.

I'm so happy to be by your side...BORO APU.

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It will better be the meaning of real BORO APU!!! Otherwise you know ...

yeah otherwise... Potakha

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Thank you borther for supporting me with your participation. Please check out the winners post!

I got your big participation! Thanks, Brother and please check out the Winners post!

Love You Dear. Please check out the Winners post, I am sure you will be shocked!

Happily Shocked indeed @ayasha; Thanks for the lovely contest.

Here is my entry... thank you apu for this contest...

Thanks to you too for participation. Please check out the winner post.

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