Your shadow is very beauty, amazing

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Thanks! @shasta found some great flower shadows! If you find one this week and post it here, you can be a shadow hunter, too!

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Always a pleasure dear!

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Muy buen trabajo,las fotos muy bonitas,la felicito por tanto talento al organizar sus trabajos,y espero sus buenos deseos porque tratemos al menos mejorar un poco esta situacion que vada dia agudiza,ya esta muy dificil adquirir alimentos,que pase una tarde placentera y muchos saludos

No puedo empezar a imaginarme por lo que están pasando ahora. Espero que este poco de cripto ayuda. !Tip 2.0

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I need to look for shadows!!!!

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Shadow hunting is a fun challenge! I'd love to see an entry from you!

This contest is so interesting. I am now more aware of shadows. I took this random photo just for you my friend, @melinda010100. But I will try to join round #82 Flower Shadows.
Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

That would have been perfect for lamppost shadows! It is a really crisp, dark shadow. Must be that CA sunshine. Can't wait to see what you find for flower shadows!

Another nice theme. I'll be on a lookout again. Thank you for making things exciting everytime. 😊😊

I am so glad you like this theme! Those of us in the north need to celebrate summer before it disappears.

Oh yes!!! 😊

I may be to late but i will enter just for fun 😀

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 82 Flower Shadows !!

Not late at all! You are entered! And the contest still has an hour left for entries.

Good one 👍


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These are really gorgeous pictures and this contest will be a great fun.

Thanks! Hope to see a shadow photo entry from you!

Flowers are beautiful, I wish contestants the best.

Thanks! If you find a flower shadow you could join us!

I will be really honoured to join, when I get one, I will come around. Thanks for the invitation.

This one is going to be fun. I am on my way shadow hunting.

This one is going
To be fun. I am on my
Way shadow hunting.

                 - nelinoeva

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I am looking forward to this one and hope we have lots of entries!

I just sent you 2sbi as a thank you for hosting this week. I do appreciate your support!

Thank you Melinda! Much appreciated! ❤

This warm colors look also cool... I like this blue :))

very nice photos , flowers and their shadows , perfect :x

Another great idea, I can see it coming!

I hope everyone had lots of time to take photos during our downtime!

It would be interesting to ask everyone what they did, try to plan ahead by getting more photos or step away and do other things? Hey have you heard of photosteem?

The photo tribe?

Yes and with almost everyone being some type of photographer on steemit I think it will have to succeed. They have their token and so forth of course, probably lots of people joining.

I bought a few Tokens when they first came out and will watch to see how they do!

oh, good thinking..well as many photographers as there are here I think they can't lose if they run it right.

That is a great flower shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

Very unique flower shadows! How nice to receive flowers! Thanks for entering!

Fantastic shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

Thank You....
I truly enjoy entering..!!!

Hi Melinda! Great flower shadows by @shasta. I am happy that I can enter this one. This is a Vinca flower from the Vinca vine. Not much but it is the only one I have and I am keeping a look out for shadows now.

Love this! Great shadow and great colors! Good job Shadow Hunting!

Thanks for the encouragement! : )

Such beautiful flowers! Thanks for joining in!

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