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Thanks, dear Pix!

Not making a post for this but here is my submission. Photo taken by me on my Nikon D3400. I ran it thru lightroom to get my desired effect. This is an electric drum kit I had bought for Christmas!

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No post necessary! This is really a great music shadow shot! Thanks for entering!

Hi @melinda010100 here is my entry for music shadow :)

Shadow Photo Contest Round 80- Music Shadows !!


Definitely a music shadow! Thanks for entering!

My pleasure :)

Hi Melinda,

Here is the link to my entry. It is a shadow of some strange instrument.

That is an unusual music shadow! I love learning new things! Thanks for entering!

Wanted to check in to be certain which photo you intended for your Shadow Contest entry?

The top hand looking one 4 sure.

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What a beautiful design on the drum! Thanks for entering!

Someone hand engraved it with a metal grinder.

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Your guitars make great shadows! Thanks for entering!

Thanks for the contest :-)

My music shadow entry :-)


Wonderful double shadows! Thanks for entering!

Howdy tonight Melinda! How interesting...the theme for this week!

I think it will be fun... @annephilbrick's idea and photos!

Yes, after all this time that contest never disappoints!

Thank you! It has been fun for me, that's for sure!

Amazing rounds of all kinds of shadows!! People are so lucky that you have not initiated shadows of UFOs a d Aliens from outer space!! LoL

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That might be the only theme we have not done yet! If you figure out where to find that shadow, let me know!

Let me see what I can come up with...

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Still 2 hours left! Nice one! Thanks for entering.

Oh! Thank you. Hahaha! Last minute entry. 😂

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