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Wow! That little sign casts a big shadow! Thanks for entering!

Small sign, but terrible shadow! Great job!

Great sign shadow, @angie25!!!

Very cool elongated sign shadow! Thank you for entering @angie25! :-)

Oh! A sign shadow and a bike shadow! Nicely done!

Awesome sign and bike shadow @photowanze! Thank you for entering! :-)

Cool sign and a lovely dark shadow! Thanks for entering and always being so enthusiastic about the contest!

Really nice sign shadow! Thank you for entering @beto14! :-)

My entry for this week's shadow photo contest. A coastal cliff walk post marker.
100% upvoted and resteemed.

Looks like a great time for shadows! Thank you for entering @molometer! :-)

My pleasure @shasta and well done for 'guessing' the correct time. 😂😂

Cutest bus driver ever! Great sign shadow. Thanks for entering!

Thanks I was glad when I saw this for your contest :)

Awesome socks, I mean sign shadow @tattoodjay! :-)
Thank you for entering!

LMAO well the socks are cool as well LOL

Here's my entry this week of a railway crossing sign on a cold and frosty morning at Stanthorpe.

Great sign Shadow and I love the perspective with the tracks. Thanks for entering!

Thanks Melinda... it was tricky this week finding an interesting sign. : )

Beautiful railway sign @jayclar30! Thank you for entering! :-)

Thank you kindly for saying so @shasta : )

Beautiful violet sign shadow @wolffeys! Thank you for entering! :-)

Love it in violet! Thanks for entering!

Double, triple cool sign shadows @bigsambucca! Thank you for entering! :-)

Thank you @shasta there certainly a lot of signs out there when you take notice !!

Lots of sign shadows! Thanks for entering!

Thanks to this contest, I am always on the lookout for cool shadows. If I could make a suggestion for next week ... shadows that are not what they appear. Not that I have my entry ready-made or anything. Tee hee. Thank you, Melinda and @curie and great work @shasta. Here is my entry. Click on the photo for the accompanying post and more shadows.

IMG_7478 (1).jpg

That is a great sign shadow! Thanks for entering. I love your theme suggestion! Would you be willing to host and judge that week?

Can you tell me a little more what it entails?

Provide a sample photo to me via email, [email protected] and then a week later send me a list of the winners you have chosen The next two weeks are spoken for, so it would be the week of June 7th-14th.

Sounds good ... would you also like an accompanying post to advertise the contest with links back to your page?

Certainly! Getting the word out is always a good thing!

Okay ... sign me up. Feel free to give me a reminder closer to the week:)

Wonderful intense dark sign shadow @prydefoltz! Thank you for entering! :-)

Thank you, Shasta:)

Here's my entry. Click the image to visit my post:

Great sign shadow and that zebra cross walk adds wonderful interest to the photo! Thanks for entering!

I’m glad you liked it.

That sign has a great shape! Glad that you find one.

Awesome sign shadow! Thank you for entering @kunschj! :-)

Thank you! So often I find a great shadow the day after the contest ends :-)

Hi @melinda010100 hope you doing well here is my entry :)

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 70- Sign Shadows !!


Great sign shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

My pleasure thank you my friend :)

Wonderful sign shadow @hangin! Thank you for entering! :-)

Thank you my friend my pleasure :)

Hello... :D
@melinda010100 and @shasta..
My entry for this week's sign Shadow

Sign pointing toward the river.

A beautiful spot for a sign shadow! Thanks for entering.

Hello...!!! :D
Thank You and your most welcome...!!

Beautiful sign shadow @annephilbrick! Just where does this
road lead? lol Thank you for entering! :-)

Hello...!!! :D
Your most welcome. I always look fwd to #shadowphoto contest...
The road winds down around by a beautiful river...

IT'S WONDERFUL how you can create amazing variations about a single theme like Shadows are... This week this promise very good artworks... Are nice news @curie supports this cool contest :-D

Of course, I'll resteemit ♥

Thanks! Hope to see a sign shadow photo from you! The contest ends on Friday mornings.

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign shadow ⚠ Lookie at all these wonderful sign shadows! :-)

Aren't they great! Today is the last day to enter!

What a pity, I have only statue shadow photo. But ... probably I got a candidate until the end

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Time to go on a shadow hunt! 😃

Yes m'am! 🙂

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Muy importante las señales de transito,las fotos muy nitidas,saludos feliz fin de semana

Looking for sign shadows this week!

wonderful pic..and god bless u

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